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October 3rd 2009
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First Sight of North KoreaFirst Sight of North KoreaFirst Sight of North Korea

On the tour we saw North Korea from a distance, NO IDEA how the reporters "wandered" into North Korea, no way possible near Seoul
DMZ Tour..... most would say what is that? We thought the same thing and weren't really interested at first then our curiosity got the best of us. Since we are Americans we can't go to North Korea, but then again why would we want to. It is such an unknown area and also the government does so many cruel things to its citizens we learned more while in Seoul from fliers being handed out in the streets.

We figured it would be a once in a lifetime experience and this is what this whole year in Asia is about. We learned so much more about the Korean War than either of us remember being taught in school. I personally don't remember much being taught about this war in grade, middle or high school. Unsure if the US Govt wants it that way or why we were not taught about this war. We were not allowed to take pictures in the tunnel but it was a great time going down then seeing what they had dug out and blasted out with dynamite. The North Koreans even put fake coal powder on the walls to tell the South Koreans they were looking
Imhingak Imhingak Imhingak

Memorial for those family members lost from the Korean War
for coal. Quite Clever, it took North Korea some time before they admitted they dug them.

Over 3 millions Koreans died during the 3 years this war went on and it sparked an interest that I know want to study or read more about the war.

South Korea has grown and developed into such a prosperous country while North Korea is a communist run country that is very private to the outside. South Korea is very proud and had built up their country so much since the war ended back in the 1950s. It was in ruins after the war and so much has been built up. Samsung, Hyundia, Kia are just a few of the major brands that we all have heard of. There were NO AMERICAN cars on the roads in Korea that we saw for 7 days, they are very Korean proud of their brands. Samsung even builds cars there called Genesis and they are pretty high end cars. All the foreign teachers we asked about American cars said they had never seen one in Korea.

This was a great tour and I encourage anyone who travels to South Korea to experience yourselves. I
Steam Engine of train Steam Engine of train Steam Engine of train

This train broke down in the Korean war and is a National Symbol in South Korea
highly recommend visiting South Korea if you ever have the chance. With my experience in Asia, Korea is more like Japan in cleanliness, development and cost of living. Japan is VERY expensive and South Korea was like American prices.

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Freedom BridgeFreedom Bridge
Freedom Bridge

approx 3 million visitors per year
Freedom BridgeFreedom Bridge
Freedom Bridge

bridge between South and North Korea in the DMZ

Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. There is an area that is 2km north and south of the line that only tourists can go to and no crossing between for any Koreans
3rd Tunnell3rd Tunnell
3rd Tunnell

North Korea has dug many tunnels toward Seoul since the war ended. We went into the 3rd one found of 4. Supposedly North Korea has advised there are over 20 tunnels only 4 found.
North KoreaNorth Korea
North Korea

Can't take a picture in front of the this line.
look at the warning signlook at the warning sign
look at the warning sign

Mine- in the DMZ 30% of the landmines have been removed. This is why most of it is a no walking zone since 70% still active.
Dorasan StaionDorasan Staion
Dorasan Staion

South Korea built this fancy train station to go to North Korea when ever the unification happens. Currently the leader of South has no intention of this but all Koreans want the unification. Which wins the communistic North or Democratic South or never. Time will tell
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very hopeful

9th October 2009

Very interesting!!!!!
14th October 2009

Korean War
I agree with how little was ever taught about the Korean War - we always got the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII and then the year was done - no matter what history class I took - There 's going to have to be a whole new period of history added to cover Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, etc. It would just be nice if we stopped the wars!!! then we wouldn't have to worry about learning about them - we certainly don't seem to learn anything from fighting them.....

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