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June 17th 2009
Published: June 17th 2009
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1: Grade 3 Dance 122 secs

So I have been pretty lazy on the blog front. I feel as if I have more photos than stories. Perhaps the photos will jog a story or two. So check out my photos for details.

Gym day was tons o’fun. No class and loads of fun things to watch. I attached a video of a dance the grade 3’s and 4’s put on. The teacher who choreographed the routine is a good friend. You can see her in the bottom left of the video directing the kids. There was a grade 6 race where they had to pick up a piece of paper and do what the paper says before they could cross the finish line. For example, take someone’s left shoe. So they would have to borrow some ones left shoe and then finish the race. I was on one of the pieces of paper. So I ran with the grade 6 and we came in second. That was a big highlight for me. Ahha. Especially considering Han told me about it 5 mins before it happened.

The whole day was tons of fun. I am a big fan of gym day.

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This kid is awesomeThis kid is awesome
This kid is awesome

He is so into English that when I ask a question he puts up his hand and yells "teacher, me please teacher" and actually looks like he is going to die if I don't pick him.

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