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August 14th 2010
Published: August 17th 2010
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I arrived in Busan as a Typhoon was passing through the city. Great timing. Luckily the metro station was attached to the bus terminal so I needn't go outside. After a few stations I showed up at the cheapest hostel I could find in Busan which seemed comfortable and then met some other travelers staying there. It was about three pm and one of them had just woken up.

I then left to explore a bit of Busan on my own. It's one of the bigger port cities in the world and has a subtropical climate. I first checked out a famous fish market right on the water front. The market was actually indoors and there was obviously water and hoses everywhere, I wondered how long a building like that would be able to last without decay. There were massive crabs and fish of all types and shapes. The market folk were all trying to get the attention of passerby's, and I saw some grab a giant fish and slit its throat before packaging it for the customer. After this I went to Centum City Shinsegae, which is credited as being the biggest Dept. Store in the world and I guess the prices in there displayed it. Floor after floor it just kept going and I wondered why I came into this place. There was even an indoor skating rink.

In the evening I met some other travelers staying at the hostel and we went out to the beach front where there were lots of restaurants and cafe's along and sat there having beer. Then we walked out to a lighthouse and got an even more close-up view of the Gwangan Bridge.

Humidity was high on the next day, and I walked for a while north until I reached a big park and a hill not far away. Though I sweat profusely through my clothes, not cuz it was that hard but the bloody heat, I made it to the peak and saw the views before returning down and finding a physical park and did some resistance training for a short time. I continued walking back south and headed for Haeundae Beach, one of the most famous in Korea and possibly the world and it showed. According to Guiness, it holds the record for most parasols. It was so crowded however that I really felt no urge to jump into the probable pee infested waters so I continued on. I then found a really cheap Korean restaurant to eat dinner at.

My last day in Busan was a write-off. Went to the seaside and then did more research on Japan, my next destination, especially the language which I'd surely need.

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