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May 27th 2013
Published: October 1st 2017
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We woke around 6:30am, when the staff arrived to make us breakfast. By 7am, we were packed up and on the road to the airport, thankfully very close-by so that Denpasar traffic could not interfere with our plans. Our flight to Singapore was on-time and uneventful. (As a side note, the current Denpasar air terminal is only barely air-conditioned and was sweltering hot. We had iced coffees to spend our last rupiah and try to cool down from inside out. I'm sure the new terminal will be a vast improvement.)

We arrived Singapore and had an easy time through immigration. We went immediately to check into the hotel and had Kyla repack her bags, as we would be taking one home with us. It was afternoon, so we figured it would be almost 3pm before we would have lunch if we went to town first, so we ate at Heavenly Wang's. (We also ate there because of the name.) The food was fine and hit the spot.

Then the train to town. We got a little lost finding the kids' hotel but managed without getting too sweaty. They checked in, and then we started our walk. We walked along the river then the harbourfront. We stopped at coffee club – where Paul and I had enjoyed coffee last time, near the O'Melveny offices – for iced coffees and cakes. The cold-drip coffee is delicious, and I must have one of "Dumbledore's coffee machines," as the kids have named the device. The cakes were very tasty, too: mango cream on carrot/ginger cake and blueberry cheesecake. Nummy.

We wandered around the harbor towards the Marina Sands, pausing at the fans that detect motion and then turn on, providing instant cooling. Walking through the Shoppes at Marina Sands, we reached the Gardens by the Bay, our destination for the day. Most of the gardens are free, which would have been enough, had there been a hint of breeze or coolness. But it was wretchedly hot, so we aimed for the Flower Dome. (The Cloud Forest, which looked to be the bomb, was closed for maintenance.)

The Flower Dome was incredibly photogenic, and we took many, many photos. The gardens are divided by region: South Africa, Australia, California, Mediterranean, then there is a “flower field” at the very base. We took over an hour to stroll around and view everything. Interspersed with the plants are sculptures, mostly made from wood or stone, and interesting rocks, including a few stalactites. Beautiful, and always something to look at in addition to the plants.

From the Flower Dorme, we went to the super-trees skyway, a fantasy world of black-lit bromeliads forming champagne glass shaped structures, linked by hanging bridges. The bridges wobbled slightly, but it was still a great place to watch sunset. We were there in time, as well, for the “sound and light show,” where the lights on the trees and skybridges dance to the sound of the new age music.

It was now twilight, so we walked back through the Sands the along the harbor to makansutra. It was a bit of a struggle to get a table, but we succeeded on our second pass. We had delicious food, then we went to a bar nearby for drinks. By this time, it was getting late, so we said good-bye to the kids and returned to the airport. Since I had such an early morning (and Paul also has an early morning), we went straight to bed and to sleep.


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