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May 16th 2013
Published: October 1st 2017
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We had planned to take BART to SFO, but the trains were delayed due to a "police action". So we asked Alan if he'd be willing to drive us. Since we were leaving around 8:45am, we hoped traffic would not be too bad (which it wasn't). There was little check in for luggage, and, although security was annoying (lines of different lengths and they kept pulling people out of the back of the line to go to the empty ones), it wasn't too long. Paul had made it through first, so he went to the United Club and got a coffee for Keegan. We had 10 minutes in the club, then Keegan had to rush off to catch his flight. We hoped he would manage to write his final paper on the leg to Osaka. In the meantime, we had about 90 minutes until our flight left, so we went to the Global First Club (as Paul flew Global First) to have a celebratory glass of champagne and sushi.

The flight boarded on time but left a little late. It was a fine flight. My seat was in the upstairs, with a slightly more fun cast of characters than one usually finds in Business on an international flight. At the nose, just outside of the cockpit, was a group of four young men, dressed for the disco: bright silk shirts, wide belts, slim pants. They were clearly traveling with an older man, in a bright sweater, who was sitting behind me. I was very sad that I could not understand their conversation – they were boisterous without being loud. The flight itself was relatively quiet. I did not work (hurray for me!) and read, then slept for about seven hours.


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