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April 2nd 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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My flight landed on time in Singapore last night, and I felt like I just got home. Big modern clean airport with signs in English. Orderly taxi line out by baggage claim, talkative efficient taxi driver who knew the hotel. Then a concierge to open the door in the hotel turn-out with a "welcome madam" as he handed me my luggage ticket and said my bag would arrive to my room shortly. Where the heck am I? Feels like I'm back in Manhattan!

I spent the day on Orchard road, which is the thing that everyone says you "must do" in Singapore. And I found a road miles and miles long, covered with 6 story shopping malls on either side. Prada, Gucci, A·X, etc, etc. Wait, where the heck am I? I can't believe my Lonely Planet guide book even said to come see this. But, just like Kuta I adapted and did as the locals. I stocked up at the drugstore on some more shampoo and industrial strength water proof mascara (it's a little humid in SE Asia). Then I found a Marks & Spencer! And then I was hooked. Marks & Sparks, as it's called by local Londoners is a staple shopping store in London. They've got great clothes, home wares and even a small produce market. This one didn't, it was just clothes. And as I went in I said to myself, if you must buy something - one shirt only. There is no room in my suitcase for more. I bought six, and one of them is long sleeve and I can't wear it here, so that'll go into the next package home. It was really cute. I hate that I spent the day shopping. I am going to the cultural sights tomorrow. I did Orchard Road as a dutiful tourist in Singapore and I'm not going back.

I'll read my guide book some more tonight. There is a good night safari here, and I think a cool butterfly park. I'm not going to stay the 5 days I thought I would, I think three might be enough. I'm going to look into taking the train Friday afternoon out of Singapore and continue north into Malaysia. Until then!


2nd April 2008

from mom Am not surprised about your thoughts on Singapore, especially coming from those peaceful islands in Indonesia. That's why I will not choose to join you in Tokyo. If I come, it will be the Great Wall or the Taj Mahal. Will ha
ve to look at your itinerary soon if that's to become a possibility. Am off to Medford today to be available to Mimi + Papa while UB is in Vero. Take car. Say hi to Alex for me. Love you! Mom

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