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September 14th 2006
Published: September 14th 2006
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So, I've had an interesting few days. I haven;t met up with Ashley yet, but I'm supposed to meet her in two hours. Turns out I had the wrong number for her for a little while, then I figured it out.

Yesterday I went to the zoo. It was pretty cool, one of the better ones I've been to. Plus, they specialize in primates, which is always interesting to me.

The previous day I walked around in the financial district. Kind of overwhelming. Clean, though.

Not much else really to say about Singapore, but look at the photos and you'll get an idea.

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My Bed & PillowMy Bed & Pillow
My Bed & Pillow

At Suan Mokkh International Dhamma Hermitage
View over the square reflecting poolView over the square reflecting pool
View over the square reflecting pool

I did a lot of walking meditation around this pool
Tibetan Buddhist PaintingTibetan Buddhist Painting
Tibetan Buddhist Painting

This depicts the 12 steps of dependent origination, two happy levels of existence and three unhappy, and other Buddhist ideas.
One of the SalasOne of the Salas
One of the Salas

Where people could ask questions of the monks about their meditation in personal interviews on days 3-8.
Progress & AdvancementProgress & Advancement
Progress & Advancement

One of the sculptures in Singapore's financial district. It is supposed to be a Singapore landscape, but it sure looks like it's about to be swallowed up by a tsunami to me.
Cavenagh BridgeCavenagh Bridge
Cavenagh Bridge

Built in the mid-1860s. Pretty cool bridge that you can walk across.
Buddha with NagaBuddha with Naga
Buddha with Naga

From the Asian Civilisations Museum that I visited in Singapore. The building the museum is housed in is called the Empress Buidling (or something like that) since it used to be used for her residence.
Japanese MaskJapanese Mask
Japanese Mask

Part of the special exhibit on Japanese masks at the ACM. I think I wasn't allowed to photograph in the special exhibit, but oh well.
Sultan MosqueSultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque

View of the mosque and street that my hostel is on. The hostel would be located to the immediate left of the photo.
Orang utanOrang utan
Orang utan

Orang utan is Malay for "Man of the Forest." This guy shares 98% of our DNA.

Cool, huh?
White TigerWhite Tiger
White Tiger

All remaining white tigers are related to each other by inbreeding from the last ancestor who died in the mid-1900s. If you look closely, she has striking blue eyes!
Happy Mr. TurtleHappy Mr. Turtle
Happy Mr. Turtle

Forget "doggy style", next time try turtle style.
Monkeying aroundMonkeying around
Monkeying around

I think this is one of my coolest photos.

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