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January 2nd 2015
Published: January 4th 2015
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Boarding time!!!
Well we started the day with a 4:30am alarm and pulled ourselves out of bed, got dressed, then jumped in the Ute and made our way to Gold coast for our 9:30 flight to Singapore.

We didn't have long for brekkie after we checked in as we sat down to eat, then the call was made for boarding. The plane took off over the Goldie and then headed inland over Australia up to Darwin, as we were heading up to Darwin the captain said we would have a lot of turbulence past Darwin. He wasn't kidding. The flight was pretty up and down the whole way to Singapore and the seat-belt sign was on for over half the flight..

We landed and grabbed our bags and decided to catch the MRT to the hotel as we wanted to get used to using it straight away. We bought a 3 day pass for $30 each ($10 refundable) which can be used for the BUS, LRT, MRT which is great...we headed for our Hotel which was is near Novena (Days Hotel) so we had to do a few train swaps and then headed out to find a way to our
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Abby and frankie mid flight..
was a bit hard to work out were we were going so i had to ask a fellow Aussie expat where to go and google maps lead the way. Our hotel has a great shuttle bus service, but you of course need to know where they pick up to start with. After a short walk from the MRT and shopping centre, we checked in and off loaded our gear in our room. Relaxed for a little bit before heading back out to to China Town night markets for dinner and a looksie..

We jumped on the MTR and got off at China Town. Found a great seafood spot to have dinner and the food was great. We didn't try the chilli crab but we're going to next time were back here. We had a chilli beef dish, spring rolls and chicken skewers.

After dinner the girls wanted to look around the markets and look at a few things and there was plenty to see the markets were a great place to make the senses dance. The smells, sounds and colours of the markets and food stalls are what it's all about for us.

We headed back on
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Waiting to get our train pass.
the train to the hotel as it had been a long day and we were tired...had been a great first 1/2 day in Singapore.

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Lil man in the naughty seat. Thinking of you and your bus, Carmel.
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Dani...her face says it
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Girls taking it easy.

Start of China Town markets.

Where we had dinner. Great food!!

Franko enjoy a watermelon juice.

The TinTin shop in China Town markets...

Frankie getting ready for bed and being the poser as always.

Aussie Masterchef advertised at all the MRT stations here.

Photo of the day - well not quality wise, I was a few stairs back from this lot. The girls doing the photo bomb behind didn't realise I was with them till they heard me laughing at them giggling about the photo bomb.

China Town

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