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March 19th 2014
Published: August 14th 2014
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Wet Weather

I remembered reading a book during my teenage years, "The Teenage Workbook". There was this particular paragraph that describe our weather, which I can't help but to relate to it. Although everyone said that Singapore doesn't have 4 seasons, it is not true. Singapore has 2 main weather, the hot and wet weather.

It is difficult for anyone to plan anything in Singapore, as our weather can be a little unpredictable. It can be very bright and hot one moment, and yet, it can become very dark and wet the next moment. Hence, Singaporeans hate planning outings after a while, as you always need a wet weather plan.

To make matter worse, it seems to become worse over the years. And if you are like me, kinda lazy, you either stop planning or you stop going out after a while. Moreover, the attractions in Singapore are quite costly for most average Singapore to visit everyday. Sooner or later, you either need to have a family to force you out of your comfort zone, or to have super adventurous friends who are always on the lookout for good deals at these attractions.


Gardens By The Bay

Despite it being open since 2012, I had only managed to explore the outdoor regions which are free, some 2 years ago. As for the indoor region, this had been my first time, despite it being opened for so long.

Thus, the period leading up to the March holidays was a good time to hunt for deals. Somehow, I had managed to find a great deal for 2 to Gardens By The Bay .

A little background on Gardens By The Bay, it consists of 2 area. The free outdoor areas that comprises of Supertree Grove, Heritage Garden, etc, and the paid indoor areas - The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Unfortunately, as the weather was very unpredictable, it kinda decided that it was going to rain the entire day on the day I planned to visit. Hence, I was not able to visit the outdoor components of the park, spending much of the day indoors at both The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Despite the limitation, I had an awesome time admiring the flowers, and enjoying the cool atmosphere that was created to maintain the flowers.


The Flower Dome

The time which I had visited, it was exhibiting "The War of Roses", which was displaying all the different types of roses. It was such a beautiful sight of different types, sizes and colours of roses.

Although I had a great time taking photos and playing with all the different camera setting. I was reminded of my trip to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Cameron Highland is a place in Ipoh, Malaysia, and it is right on top of a mountain. Due to the high altitude, the temperature of the place is not typical of asian climate. Instead, the climate is similar to temperate region, which felt like that of The Flower Dome I had visited.

As we walked through this place, I came to realised that the cooler the climate, the bigger the flowers grew. The flowers you see in the dome, is slightly bigger than what you would normally get in Singapore.

This kinda make feel like making a trip to Cameron Highlands right away.


Cloud Forest

As the name suggest, this place is more forestry, and there aren't a lot of flowers to see.

Upon entering the area, there is a hugh man-made waterfall at the entrance. The wind, coupled with the water from the waterfall, brought the temperature in the dome further south. The wind here is so strong, you may find it difficult to walk straight. Despite the challenges, many people will be in front of the waterfall posing for a picture.

In order to create the cloud effects, there are periodic misting where the entire place will fog up. The fog can be very thick, and one cannot even see what's in front of them.

Something for everyone to take note - For those who have a fear of heights, you might want to stay within the building. As the platform have a lot of gaps, and this can be scary when the place fog up quite badly.


It is a really beautiful place to visit. I would want to add on more to this by visiting the entire place - both the indoor and outdoor, one of these days. Meanwhile, do hope you guys will enjoy your stay in Singapore (^_^)

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14th August 2014

Hope to see the gardens
Your blog has inspired me to spend more time in Singapore - thanks for sharing :)
15th August 2014

Re: Hope to see the gardens!
Hi Cindy, I am glad you like it. Do hope you have a wonderful time in Singapore. I will try to upload more about the variety things you can do in Singapore too! Have a great trip ^_^
17th August 2014

We enjoyed our time there and your blog provides great memories.

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