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January 21st 2013
Published: January 21st 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

I'll be embarking on a student exchange in Europe (UK) from tomorrow night onwards. As much as I love the spirit of impromptu-ness and expecting the unexpected, I want to create a bucket list of things that I wanna do over in Europe. This entry shall serve as a checklist. It will not be exhaustive and will follow the notion of 'just go ahead and do it!'

Will be looking forward to a time of no regrets. I wanna look back at those memories in the future and proudly say that, "Yes, I've tried it!"

Here it goes:

Out of Comfort Zone

• Couchsurf for at least 1 night (Checked, in Ireland. May 2013)
• Perform/busk on the streets
• Sleep overnight at the airport/train station (Checked, in Spain, England, Portugal. Feb 2013)
• Hitch a ride (Checked, in Romania. Mar 2013)
• Have a meal at a local's place (Checked, in Ireland. May 2013)
• Help out a random stranger in distress
• Do something that terrifies myself

Seeking Adventure 'n' Nature

• Be a kid and play with snow (Checked, in Norway, England, Switzerland. Feb 2013)
• Learn Skiing during winter (Checked, in Austria. Mar 2013)
• Make a Snowman 'friend'! (Checked, in England, Austria, Switzerland. Feb 2013)
• Try Paragliding (Checked, in Switzerland. Mar 2013)
• Try Bungee Jumping
• Learn a new sport (Checked, Surfing in Portugal. May 2013)
• Shout from the mountain top (Checked, in Switzerland. Mar 201)
• Hike up a mountain and enjoy breathtaking views (Checked, in Bulgaria. Mar 2013)
• Go on a road trip (Checked, in Scotland and Iceland. June 2013)
• Bathe in Blue Lagoon Spa
• See a waterfall (Checked, in Switzerland. Mar 2013)
• Catch a rainbow over beautiful scenery (Checked, in Iceland. June 2013)
• See the Northern Lights (Checked, in Norway. Feb 2013)
• Relax at a beautiful beach in Summer (Checked, in Portugal. May 2013)
• Go Scuba-diving (Checked, in Malaysia. Mar 2014)
• Stargaze (Checked, in Slovenia. July 2014)
• See a frozen glacier (Checked, in Iceland. June 2014)


• Watch the Flamenco dance in Seville (Checked, in Spain. Jan 2014)
• Watch a musical in London (Checked. Feb 2014)
• Watch a live soccer match (Checked, in Spain, England. Feb 2014)
• Go to Emirates Stadium in London (Checked, in England. Feb 2014)
• Go to Disneyland in France (Checked, in France. July 2014)
• Stand atop the Eiffel Tower
• Travel along the canals of Venice (Checked. Mar 2014)
• Take photos with Leaning Tower of Pisa (Checked. Mar 2014)
• Visit the Colosseum (Checked. Mar 2014)
• See the Red-light district in Amsterdam (Checked. June 2014)
• Collect something from every place travelled (Checked!)
• Travel on all means of transport: Train, bus, boat/cruise, plane, car (Checked!)
• Travel to 99 different places in Europe (Checked!)

- List will be continuously updated -


21st January 2013

Good start...
have a great adventure!

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