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January 21st 2013
Published: January 21st 2013
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I'll be embarking on a student exchange in Europe (UK) from tomorrow night onwards. As much as I love the spirit of impromptu-ness and expecting the unexpected, I want to create a bucket list of things that I wanna do over in Europe. This entry shall serve as a checklist. It will not be exhaustive and will follow the notion of 'just go ahead and do it!'

Will be looking forward to a time of no regrets. I wanna look back at those memories in the future and proudly say that, "Yes, I've tried it!"

Here it goes:

Out of Comfort Zone

Couchsurf for at least 1 night (Checked, in Ireland. May 2013)
• Perform/busk on the streets
Sleep overnight at the airport/train station (Checked, in Spain, England, Portugal. Feb 2013)
Hitch a ride (Checked, in Romania. Mar 2013)
Have a meal at a local's place (Checked, in Ireland. May 2013)
• Help out a random stranger in distress
• Do something that terrifies myself

Seeking Adventure 'n' Nature

Be a kid and play with snow (Checked, in Norway, England, Switzerland. Feb 2013)
Learn Skiing during winter (Checked, in Austria. Mar 2013)
Make a Snowman 'friend'! (Checked, in England, Austria, Switzerland. Feb 2013)
Try Paragliding (Checked, in Switzerland. Mar 2013)
• Try Bungee Jumping
Learn a new sport (Checked, Surfing in Portugal. May 2013)
Shout from the mountain top (Checked, in Switzerland. Mar 2013)
Hike up a mountain and enjoy breathtaking views (Checked, in Bulgaria. Mar 2013)
Go on a road trip (Checked, in Scotland and Iceland. June 2013)
• Bathe in Blue Lagoon Spa
See a waterfall (Checked, in Switzerland. Mar 2013)
Catch a rainbow over beautiful scenery (Checked, in Iceland. June 2013)
See the Northern Lights (Checked, in Norway. Feb 2013)
Relax at a beautiful beach in Summer (Checked, in Portugal. May 2013)
Go Scuba-diving (Checked, in Malaysia. Mar 2014)
Stargaze (Checked, in Slovenia. July 2013)
See a frozen glacier (Checked, in Iceland. June 2013)


Watch the Flamenco dance in Seville (Checked, in Spain. Jan 2013)
Watch a musical in London (Checked. Feb 2013)
Watch a live soccer match (Checked, in Spain, England. Feb 2013)
Go to Emirates Stadium in London (Checked, in England. Feb 2013)
Go to Disneyland in France (Checked, in France. July 2013)
• Stand atop the Eiffel Tower
Travel along the canals of Venice (Checked. Mar 2013)
Take photos with Leaning Tower of Pisa (Checked. Mar 2013)
Visit the Colosseum (Checked. Mar 2013)
See the Red-light district in Amsterdam (Checked. June 2013)
Collect something from every place travelled (Checked!)
Travel on all means of transport: Train, bus, boat/cruise, plane, car (Checked!)
Travel to 99 different places in Europe (Checked!)


21st January 2013

Good start...
have a great adventure!

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