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August 11th 2012
Published: August 11th 2012
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After a very welcome shower we took the train into Little India for something to eat. We wandered round the Hawker Stalls a number of times trying to decide what we wanted and which stall to go to. Eventually we settled on one. Neil stuck to his 'vegetarian' fare of chickpea curry accompanied with onion bhaji and a couple of other side dishes with rice. I had the same only I added in some tandoori chicken. From another stall we got 2 glasses of freshly made limeade. The food was very fiery and we were soon ordering another drink! In the end we had ordered far too much but the meal cost us less than 6 pounds. Quite a bargain! After eating we wandered round for a little while before returning to the hostel as we were really tired from the early morning and travelling.

We had a bit of a lie in this morning till 9am or so - this first time we haven't been up early. Both of us slept really well considering we were sharing the room with 24 other people. I think I'm getting use to the hostel lifestyle! Once breakfasted we took the train over to the other side of the city to look around the Botanical Gardens. Lots of locals were about and it seems like it's a popular place for them on the weekend. The gardens themselves were huge and very tranquil. We made our way through one garden which showed lots of different medicinal uses of many plants and then we passed by a garden which was full of poisonous plants. Needless to say, that one was under lock and key and you could only go in with a guide. We walked for an hour or so before coming across the food hall. WE decided to have a spot of lunch which consisted of a large plateful of fruit. You just pick which ones you'd like and then they cut it up and put in on a plate with lots of ice. It was lovely and very refreshing in the heat of the day. We then made our way back to where we'd started going through the evolution garden which told the story of how plants had evolved over millions of years. I think we only saw about a quarter of the garden - its somewhere you could really spend the best part of a day.

After hopping back on the train we went to another part of town to the Science museum. After the train we had to get on a bus but this was all covered in our tourists travel pass. The Science Centre itself, like the gardens, was very large and again we didn't get round it all. There were some great exhibits and it was all very interactive. You think School will let me bring some kids over on a trip??? No? Me neither! Outside the Centre was a 'Kinetic Garden' which had lots of different water things for children to play with and get well and truly soaked! After a couple of hours we were back onto the bus then the train and headed off towards the Marina.

The skyline of the Marina is everything you expect Singapore to be. Huge skyscrapers with their heads in the clouds, their reflections cast long across the water. A wedding was happening and the bride was having her photograph taken with the harbour as a backdrop. We wandered along for a while and came across the Olympic Rings. Too good an opportunity not to take up as the Games in London are almost finished. Here we met some people from Japan and took some photographs for them posing on the rings and they returned the favour.

Next it was teatime and we made our way to Chinatown. Chinatown is much bigger than Little India and we were spoilt for choice for eating establishments. A lot of the outdoor stalls were selling ducks heads, chickens feet and frogs legs but we decided to stick to more 'traditional' fare. The meal was lovely and much spicier than our local take aways! More expensive than Little India with the meal working out at about 15 pounds. Not bad for a meal for 2 in a Chinese Restaurant though! After our meal we went for a wander round. I really couldn't believe the prices of things! The only problem is that I can't carry them! We both got some bits and pieces and some presents for home.

Today was the first day we hadn't returned to the hostel at some point during the day so we are absolutely shattered! Still in need of a shower and a bit of chill out time before bed. We are going to go to the Singapore Gardens in the morning so I think we need an early start. There is so much to do here I think we will really struggle to fit it all in!


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