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January 5th 2006
Published: January 23rd 2006
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The flashest cab you've ever seen.
December 26 to Jan 5

So my New Years resolution for next will be: 'Avoid getting thrown up on next New Years Eve.' What a way to ring in the new year huh?

Into Singapore to get my visa for India, after hightailing it to the Indian embassy I received the high inquisition, I must look way too shady. "What do you want to do in India for three months," "Why are you going there, its too long," "You can only have a one month visa, these passport photos wont work, get new ones" I ask what wrong with them, "No, get new ones" What should have been a straight forward 6 month visa over a couple of business days turned into lots of stare offs, my feeble attempts at charm and an 8 day wait for a 3 month visa.

So to fill my time in a small island, hmmm I'll lay low and read, work out at the gym and catch up on these damn journals I'm so far behind on.

First night I was introduced to karaoke Singapore style, Tiger beers with 4 new mates and a 48 hour period of ears ringing. Cross
Downtown QuayDowntown QuayDowntown Quay

An artificial pond serves as the center of the Singapores nightlife. 20 or so clubs and bars offering up all kinds of music.
that off the list.

Nights 2-4 dabbling in the club scene, need ear plugs and a credit card, drink prices hurt. We did meet some nice wholesome Parisian ladies who work at a brand new club and how about we come to their show?

Night five we got a taste of Crazyhorse (shows in Vegas and Paris,) a very well produced topless cabaret new to the city trying to loosen up its stiff image. We met up with the ladies and went to a club, quite the thing to dance with professional showgirls.

Night Six NYE - MTV was producing a beach party on the island of Sentosa. The group from the Hostel had a pre-party then grabbed cabs for the nights fun. 30,000 people that don't quite get it yet. Case in point, when there are special raised podiums in the crowds who should be dancing on them? Girls right? Well how about scores of Indian Men busting out their best Hindi Bollywood dance moves? Hmmm. The group of 12 was lost quickly in the crowd and around 3 everyone seemed to meet up again. Around 4 we decided to grab the bus back to the taxi queue and that's where a young Chinese kid decided to lose his nights fun on the back of our seats and us. Disgusting, though I, who possess an enormous amount of patience these days let it slide and once we got of the bus we took a shower with bottled water in front of several hundred people.

Not all bad though, visa in hand I was sorting out my tickets to India when Jen, (whom I traveled in Vietnam and Laos with,) sent me a message saying she and Lily were still in Bombay. Easy enough, partial travel uni reunites!

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Crazyhorse LadiesCrazyhorse Ladies
Crazyhorse Ladies

The ladies comped our tickets to the show. My favorite number was the English soldiers. A mix of the rockets and fuzzy hats.
Afternoon Tea at RaffelsAfternoon Tea at Raffels
Afternoon Tea at Raffels

I'd rather have a huge cup of coffee.

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