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January 30th 2008
Published: January 30th 2008
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Arrived in Singapore. Few mins free (if really really slow) internet, nowt else to do.
Discovered problem with long haul flights. Qantas fantastic, suitably overfed, with endless choice of entertainment. (except no Meat Loaf) Just need to get rid of all the other people on the plane. After 36 hours without a wash (over a week for some I'm sure) and neglecting deodorant, certain people have a distinct whiff. Delightful to wake up to someone elses sweaty armpits. I got deodorant on the plane, tiny spray, why didn't anyone else?

Off to Australia shortly, when will have more exciting news.
5 day scuba diving course booked starting Friday. Includes 3 days living on a boat next to the Great Barrier Reef. lots of dives, with snorkelling inbetween. 2 nights dives which I'm assured are very disturbing. Sharks just appearing out the gloom. Eek!

Did suddenly hit me finally on the plane what I'm doing. Scared, and bored with no hygienic people to tallk to, but not really stopped grinning yet.
Brought enough Cadbury;s Dairy Milk with me to last at least the next flight so still have the basics to keep me going.


30th January 2008

Wow, that was quick
I have to admit to being mildly sceptical as to how much you'd update this, but I guess you proved me wrong :) I already had my first "I wonder what Lizzie is doing now" lunchtime chat with Craig, long may it continue! I have to say, you needed mock the smelly travellers - a few weeks in a bus in South America and you'll be just the same haha! I guess the best solution is just hang a small piece of Dairy Milk under your nose... Sounds like you're all set for your first week in Oz, although it somehow seems a little wrong that you're going all that way to see new lands and people, only to isolate yourself from it all by jumping in the sea! Looking forward to news of you and disturbing/disturbed sharks though. Have fun and keep writing! And take lots of photos!!
1st February 2008

At least you got the entertainment
Good to hear you got good entertainment on your flights - we just got back from RTW trip and got NOTHING on 3 of the 4 long hauls. nought out of ten for Quantas and BA. Enjoy your travelling and take care.
1st February 2008

Thinking about you every day and imagining blue sea, coral and bliss. Love mum

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