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October 3rd 2007
Published: October 9th 2007
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White TigerWhite TigerWhite Tiger

White tiger in Singapore Zoo, magnificent creature.
OK, got to Singapore (my bags didnt, thanks BA, very kind of you, no no, really...) Saying that i was quite surprised at how i wasn't in the slightest bit annoyed and how carefree i was about it. I think the build up to this event and the surreality of actually being in Singapore was too overpowering to be even remotly bothered about luggage. I was greated by the familiar grin on the other side of the glass pannels, by my old school friend, Angus Hume. Straight out for food and wine, a fantastic bit of steak and some lovely wine and port. Followed shortly by a rather large helping of fever on the dance floor, which, we both cleared.

Suffice to say the next morning was alittle blurry with puzzled faces and starined memory as to how we got home and why was there so much food all over the kitchen. This was of little consequance as for breakfast we had a very close victory of last nights prerecorded Scotland Italy RWC game. Conveniantly enough my luggage decided it didnt want to travell without me and came crawling sheepishly up the the appartment at half time, tail between its legs and with an appology from BA.

So, for the first location, out came the national dress as Angus acrted me off to a "hugh heffner and the Bunnies" themed party at the Fullerton hotel. My sporran is white and fluffy, incase you were struggling to make and connection to my outfit and the theme. now, the fullerton is quite an upmarket hotel and the staff all semmed a little nervous and slightly hot under the collar (well, it was 30 degrees in the shade) at the steady stream of scantily clad westeners arriving for sunday brunch. It came as little surprise that we were directed round the side of the building to the terrace, where the champagne was in an abundant supply.

I really had landed in the most luxurious and brilliant experiance. Angus and his lovely wife Sophie have a great appartment, balcony, air con, marble floors, maid, pool, it really doesn't get much better. Singapore seemed to be lacking a bit in a tourist activity but thats hardly a down point. It is quite possibly, the cleanest and friendliest city I have ever seen. Some would call it sterile and i would understand why but would strongly disagree. I did take myself off to the Singapore zoo. Now whether or not zoo's are infact cool is certainly up for argument. If any of them can be so, this one certainly was and in its favour, was more like a mini saffari. I will get around to putting up the photos and videos, promise. For some reason unknown, youtube wont upload the video of the white tigers, 😞 boo. but if you have a facebook account and are a friend then you can see them there along with the coy carp one.

I also had the chance to catch up with a second cousin of mine, Keith Denholm and had a great dinner out at the Swiss Club. Raclet (sp?!) overdose and cheesed up beyond belife! Good seeing you Keith.

But I knew this all had to come to an end and was also aware that I was probably going to go from one extreme to the other. How right I was too.

Rattle snake at the Singapore Zoo
My poor Ear

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White RhinoWhite Rhino
White Rhino

Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

Beautiful animal, just amazing.

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