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September 7th 2013
Published: November 10th 2017
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So after a whopping 4 hours sleep I was up at 5am this morning. As much as I hate dragging my sorry ass out of bed, it didn't take long before the excitement set in and I was happy dancing around my apartment, much to Sherelles amusement. Had a brief moment of panic when I received a text from the bank saying my account had been suspended due to "unusual transactions" Arrrrggghh! By the time I had made it through the myriad of phone prompts to get to a customer service representative the issue had been resolved and my accounts were clear to use again Phew!

Made it through checkin no dramas Nearly got my phone confiscated and a nasty fine at border security (who knew they were so precious about people texting while standing in line) An hour sitting at the boarding gate and I was away. First leg of the flight was quite taxing. I've gone from jumping out of my skin with excitement to pure exhaustion. Even though it was only 8 hours I think that is the longest single flight I've ever been on. Gotta say Bored out of my mind. I've brought books to read and there were plenty of movies/TV to choose from but once the excitement wore off, I was just tired and nothing much interested me. Tried to get so shut eye but apparently I'm not tired enough Oh well maybe I'll sleep better on the next leg. Must say if this leg was taxing I'm gunna be stuffed by the time I get to Athens And I don't even want to think about the return flight

FYI - Changi airport is so much better than Tullamarine Smokers lounge is a rooftop garden WITH a bar - so much better than a dingy little yard with milk crates. Only problem its sooo hot and I'm in my jeans & sneakers Didn't really think that one through. Anyway Ive probably written more about the boring stuff than I really wanted to. But the main aim was really to test out this travel blog thingy ;-)

Bon Voyage


10th September 2013

Very cool Tracie.

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