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September 16th 2013
Published: October 2nd 2017
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Day 4 started off with us trying to find food. After walking around aimlessly around Clarke Quay and finding absolutely nothing to eat, we hailed a cab back to Chinatown. Lucky the guy was Chinese and said since we hadn't had breakfast already, he would take us where there definitely was food. We ended up in Hong Lim Square and found heaps of food. We had 2 plates of cheung fan and a bowl of meatball congee with the fried dough sticks.

After happily filling our tummies, we went to Universal Studios Singapore. This was way better than Legoland. The first world we went to was Hollywood. It wasn't so bad, just a big street filled with American themed shops and restaurants. We just missed the Hollywood Theatre Show but that's ok, we didn't mind – it didn't sound very interesting!

We then moved on to New York world. First ride we did was the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Race! It was so childish but fun at the same time. The ride was slow but for kids I guess it would be fun. We saw Elmo, Cookie Monster and all the other Sesame Street characters in the space race. After that we went to the Lights Camera Action show. It was basically a sound stage converted to simulate a category 5 hurricane! And we got wet! Last bit of the show, this thing came down in the water and splashed us all, especially those at the front, ie, us! The express passes I bought helped as we jumped queues. Some rides said that it would take 15 minutes wait time (worst one I saw was 70 minutes wait) but for us, we went straight to the front.

Next zone was the sci-fi zone. This one was a bit disappointing as most of the rides were closed. The only thing working was the accelerator – which was similar to the tea cups ride. But the most exciting part was that we got our pics taken with Bumblebee! Optimus Prime was posing first as we were lining up but with a few people in front of us, he swapped with Bumblebee.

We moved on to Ancient Egypt. It was quite good this one with all the Egyptian sculptures around. The best ride we did all day was Revenge of the Mummy. It was a rollercoaster that was dark and no way did we know where we were going but all we could feel was being thrown around and twisted. Before we knew it, the ride was over! We went to Treasure Hunters now. This one was quite slow, going round in a car. It was the complete opposite of Revenge of the Mummy.

Next up was Jurassic Park. We did the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure first and we got soaked! It was slow going in a water circle then right at the end, we went down a steep slope to end up wet, really wet! This was probably the second best ride. To dry off, we went on the Canopy flyer. We were basically seated and we were flown high above the ground for a bird's eye view of Jurassic Park.

The next one was Far Far Away land. We went into the Shrek 4D adventure. This wasn't very good. The special effects were good in terms of us but the 3D wasn't very good for some reason. We then on the Enchanted Airways roller coaster. This one was ok, a bit like yesterday's.

The last zone we visited was Madagascar. The ride there was on water. We thought we were going to get wet but only a few drops of water was sprayed on us. There was a time when there was a huge waterfall in front of us. Winnie was worried if we were going to go through it because if we were, we were going to get very very wet but no, it parted like Moses parted the Red Sea and we finished our ride dry.

The last thing we did was the waterworld show – this was quite good, lots of acrobatics, special effects live and quite a decent story.

In the evening, we went to the Night Safari. This was really good I thought as we saw animals in their natural habitat and really up close. A mini bus took us around a circuit and we were shown a wide variety of animals. What I was most impressed was a lion walking around, looking for food. This was better than Taronga Zoo where they all sleep. A wild deer was only about 30 cms away from me as we went around in the bus. Other animals we saw were elephants, lions, hippos and other wild animals.


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