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May 9th 2013
Published: May 18th 2013
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After another good sleep in Farahs bed we enjoyed a cream roll from the 7-11 and caught the beautifully clean 173 bus to Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo held two major points of interest for me. Firstly, my friend Serene who ran Lady Tubbs back in Bristol used to work in the Zoo and had told me of the fantastic conservation work they do. Secondly, my mother found out while walking round Singapore Zoo and being rather unwell, that she was going to be bringing me into the world.

Singapore Zoo more than lived up to what Serene had told me. Farah's cousin later pointed out that it's genius comes from the animals not being in cages and I think he is right. The zoo was the best I've ever been to. The large enclosures and the jungle like walk ways gave us both the impression of being in Jurassic Park. The enclosures were really large and the zoo has the largest group of free ranging orangutans in the world. There was also an amazing show where animals who had been trained using treats crossed over the audiences on a hanging wire and even otters who were able to recycle cans and tins into the correct bins.

In the evening we visited the night safari. It was brilliant being able to walk around a zoo at night and see animals in their native habitat at night. There was a 'train' which took you round the jungle exhibits and told you about the animals they housed and bred at the zoo. The hyenas were particularly striking at night, and it was amazing seeing a slow lauris up close. The night time show was also brilliant with Indian wolves and foxes running across the stage and a cruel stunt where a man was left alone on stage holding a boa constrictor if only for a few moments!

After a wander through the wallaby enclosure and looking at the amazing flying foxes we headed back to our own home in the jungle.

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