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March 25th 2012
Published: March 25th 2012
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My first actual day in Singapore was very hot and humid. I got up at 8:30 and went down to breakfast, breakfast was delightful. After breakfast I decided to go to the Singapore zoo. The drive to the zoo was pleasant and I realised how green Singapore really was but as soon as I got out of the car is was hot and humid. When I got to the zoo, I went to see the white tigers first they were beautiful, and they were white with black stripes. There were about 5 tigers in the exhibit, after I saw the tigers I walked around for a bit and saw more animals; elephants, monkeys, goats, the giant rabbit and many more. As I was walking around I looked at my feet and there was a lizard running up to me, it was an amazing experience. Then I went to have lunch, at KFC. After lunch i went to the animal and friends show, which is a show about all the different animals at the zoo. Then I went on the tree top walk, the view was pretty fantastic. After that I went to see the amazing see horses, they were beautiful yellow,
singapore zoosingapore zoosingapore zoo

white tiger
orange kind of colour, and they were so graceful in the water. I also saw the polar bear exhibit, and the rest of the underwater exhibits. The zoo was just so big so it look me a while to see everything, by the time I saw everything it was 6:30, so I decided to wait around and go on the night safari. There were far more people at night than there were in the morning, before we went of safari the put on a dance for us. There were men in skirt looking things, doing a fire dance, it was absolutely spectacular! After that was over they gave us a meal, and after that we were all branched off into small groups, which consistent of about 8-10 people. We were in camouflaged van, things with no doors. They actual safari, was beautiful, everything at night was so different from the day. They animals were far more comfortable and they got really close to the van. It was really nice seeing the animals up close. After the hotel the night safari was over, I headed back to the hotel, I was really tired. When I got back to hotel I was really tired, so I had a shower and called it a night.

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singapore zoosingapore zoo
singapore zoo

night time

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