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December 4th 2011
Published: December 4th 2011
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We arrived at the zoo by taxi from Holland village (where we had lunch and looked at one condo.) After we bought tickets we went on "Treetop Walk" and at the entrance we saw lemur on a tree just 5 feet above my head and then on the walk (which by the way was elevated) there was a lemur on the railing! Then the other lemur came and played with that lemur. We also saw an Nile crocodile (which my dad said was the biggest crocidile he ever saw), a greater mouse deer (which looked like a deer cross kangroo and the fact that it as small),and some monkeys.

Then we saw the white tigers which were roaming around and when they called out they were going to feed them in 15 minutes they went into the water. Since we didn't want to wait 15 minutes so we moved onto the next exhibit called "the Australian Outback" where there was a kangroo hopping around with a joey in her pouch.

Next we saw a red snapping turtle that can stay underwater perfectly still so it looks like a statue with its mouth open for 30-40 minutes. It also has the strongest bite of any turtle. After that we saw a pygmy hippo which was the smallest hippo in the world (though it was about as big as my dad.)

After we saw some more exhibits, we came upon a screened-in rainforest which had peacocks pretty much taking up the whole path so we had to scoot by them and one of them almost flew into my face! There were little mouse deer running around and we had to stop for one while he was crossing the path. We also saw lemurs, bats,and different colored birds and butterflies.

Next we went to the zoo waterpark which looked really cool but as soon as we got out of the changing room there was a big giant KABOOM and they closed down the waterpark because of lightning hazards.

After 30 minutes of raining we went to see the chimpanzees again and they were hiding in their cave. Then we went to the snake house and we saw a snake that only had to spit its poison to kill you not just bite you.

Before we left, we bought a membership card for the family so we could go

A kangaroo with a joey in her pouch with another kangaroo.
to the zoo as many times as we want! Then we took a bus to the nearest MRT station and road the MRT back to the hotel.


23rd May 2012

Hi Ethan... I am Agnese.. do you remember?? Well your photos are very good:) bye Agnese

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