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October 5th 2010
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So it's my second day and it has been a busy one. I went to the Zoo for the day. It was amazing, they pretty much have every animal you could think off, they even said they have a polar bear but i couldn't find him. It was like a jungle so some of the animals are freaking impossible to see. They have monkeys and birds just haging around in the trees...not caged in...and they just stick to their designated tree as well, which i found amazing. I have to admit one of my favourite parts was riding an elephant - didn't ever think I would do somethign like that...I did drop my camera while on the elephant but thank god it didn't break, I think if it had that would have been my least favourite part of the day. Another aweomse thing was that I saw some animals just wandering around, I saw peacocks in the cafe area, a lizard crossed the path right in front of me; it was pretty amazing. Oh and another favourties was stroking a kangaroo - it didn't even flinch, just stood there - that was pretty cool. After the Zoo I decided I just hadn't had enough of animals for the day so I went on the Night Safari - basically the same the dark, on a tram and instead of the usual animals it was all the nocternal animals. They took us on trails that were locked during the day and in some cases the animals were literally standing right next to us just grazing away like nothing was happening. Now, during the day I struggled to find my way night...I thought I would have to sleep in with the lions because I could not find my way out. the only annoying thing was not being allowed to use flash so I don't have any photographic evidence - let's just hope I don't loose my memory and forget it all. So that day absolutely knackered me out, but it was definitely worth it. Planned for tomorrow is either visiting Little India or China Town, I'll have to wait and see what I'm feeling but of course, you will find out what I decided on tomorrow. Anna.


6th October 2010

Wow I am SO jealous about the zoo and night safari - that sounds amazing! Don't worry you seem to have a pretty good memory, not likely to forget an adventure like this! xx

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