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April 14th 2013
Published: April 16th 2013
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Well here we go again. Just a short 12 day adventure to Bali for the first time. So we have the convenience of using our local Gold Coast Airport we thought we would try Scoot Airlines which means we actually fly via Singapore.

Flight due to leave at 9am, so wake up call was set for 6am and Taxi booked for 7am. I woke up around 5.30 so I got up to see that yesterday's downpour had moved on and the sun was about to rise. First priority was to check that Scoot flight had actually left Singapore which it had but looked like it might arrive half an hour late. Next I had to turn on the TV to see how the Aussies were going in the US Masters Golf. Good news as Jason Day was leading with Adam Scott and Marc Leishman also in the top 5. Maybe we will finally have an Aussie win this magical tournament ?

I was just thinking that the alarm would be going off soon to awake the gang and I saw a Taxi arrive out the front. Only an hour early ! I guess that some people are still adjusting for the end to daylight savings. No problem I told him to come back in an hour. All the packing was done yesterday so no dramas other than usual issues getting Luke moving along. Taxi arrived a second time and we were on our way.

Got a bit of a surprise when he charged me $43- for a 10 minute ride. No time to complain but I reckon he charged me for coming twice ? What a rip off ! Refused to let this get me stressed so stayed calm. (Going on holidays after all ). Checked the bags in, and Elise wins first prize for keeping space for Shopping as she only used 10kg of her 20kg allowance. I have only 3 kg left so I will have to focus on buying Memory Cards, Handkerchiefs and Thongs with my limit ! Security was a breeze and not even Kerry had to go through the drug swabbing procedure this time.

A breakfast supply of Red Rooster for Luke, some duty free liquor purchases to pick up on our return (Pernod 1 Litre for only $29- you beauty and a few bottles of Shaw & Smith Sav Blanc). Had time to get the GST back for my new SLR Camera Lens which pretty much covered the Taxi fare and before long we were ready to fly. On walking out to the plane Luke mentioned the plane had a sign on it saying Big Yella Fella ! We bought Super Stretch seats for the outbound flight (read Exit Rows). Luke and I are in 51 AB with the girls on the other side in 51 JK. Flight left around 9.45am so not too bad. 7.5 hours to Singapore, so time to watch one of the movies I have copied to the notebook and relax before we arrive around 3.00pm (scheduled local time).

Rant # 1. Started out with the horrible task of filling in 4 sets of customs declaration forms. I really don't understand why we need to write down all the stuff that is contained in our Passports ! Everything should be automated. Oh how I look forward to that day. First observation was that the seats were pretty narrow. Our prepaid meals arrived after 1 hour which was pretty good. Luke loves the Butter Chicken bread roll, and we also got a can of Coke and Pringles chips.

Just watched Zero Dark Thirty which is about the killing and capture if Osama Bin Laden. The movie went for almost 3 hours and laptop only had 7% battery left. Luke has been busy doing some ancient history stuff about Pompeii and some place called Herculaneum which I will have to google when I get back to land of wi-fi.

Arrived around 45 minutes late, flight was pretty good overall. Got through customs really fast and luggage was really quick coming out of the carousel. We had to wait for about 40 minutes for Hotel Bus Shuttle so grabbed an early dinner at McDonalds. Luke was keen to try to spicy Chicken Burger (as was I). Kerry ordered a couple of much needed Cappucino's, and boy were they cheap and so well prepared (check out the photo). Bus ride to out Hotel (Mercure Grand Roxy) was fine. Amazing looking at all the flowers and trees along the roadside, and seeing all the boats in the harbour. Saw what looked like a tricky golf course with one green elevated some 10 metres about the surrounding area (don't miss the green !). Kerry said she saw lots of courses on her side of the plane as we landed. Alas no golf planned for this trip !

Arrived at Hotel around 5.30pm local theme. Check in was fine, we have interconnecting rooms on Level 7 which are fine. Kerry @ I then walked across the freeway overpass to the shopping mall (5 levels). This was the first if it's kind in Singapore in Katong district and even had a Harvey Norman's !!. I bought a shirt from Marks & Spencers to reflect my British heritage, and Kerry looked in about 10 shoe shops but no buying today. Bought some Korean noodles to take back to hotel for Luke. That place was full of locals not tourists.

Early to bed as we have to be back at the Airport tomorrow for flight # 2 to Bali.


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