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February 28th 2010
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Another costly Location
Well, New Zealand did us proud, with sunshine right up to the end. On our final day, we explored Christchurch a bit more and then took a taxi to the airport, assisted by an overpaid taxi driver who insisted on taking us on his personal tour of the city on the way.

So, a bit jaded, we set off for Singapore. However, once we struggled into Sydney, I was immediately reenergised when I discovered that we would be travelling in an Airbus A380. It's an incredible plane that needs a special runway for take-off. (I think we taxied out into the Pacific!) However, incredibly, the pilot managed to lift all 560 tons, plus loads of passengers, airborne. And then we had all the services available to play with! Music, Films, Information, TV News etc all at the touch of a screen. unfortunately, much of Australia was covered in cloud (honest!) but I was too busy enjoying the technology to care. The only downer was that I couldn't access the parts of the plane where the posh people hang out - the door at the top of the spira staircase was locked throughout the journey.

Now we're in Singapore, we're

Getting here was costly
doing all the usual touristy things - while dreading getting back into the UK groove to-morrow. Shopping in Chinatown was a very sweaty activity. Drinking at Raffles was an enjoyable indulgence (I liked throwing all the peanut shells on the marbled floor) but the Night Safari was the most fun. (I don't know if the animals were as keen on it!)

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Our transferOur transfer
Our transfer

This guy got us to Chinatown -expensively!
Fire Eaters From BorneoFire Eaters From Borneo
Fire Eaters From Borneo

This lot must be descended from Dragons

28th February 2010

Well, what do you expect of Raffles?!!
3rd March 2010

Night Safari
This sounds like an interesting idea. Did you have special binoculars or lighting?? Which animals did you see?

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