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April 25th 2014
Published: April 25th 2014
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So after sleeping 14 or so hours, I decided to take a trial run at finding my internship site. One of the great things about Singapore is its public transportation system. Fortunately, my host mom and her son gave me a MRT route map and told me which stops to take and which lines to go on…because it is really confusing for a first-timer!! I did not take any pics this time around because I didn't want to make it too obvious that I wasn't from around here, but I'll sneak some with my iPhone next time! So I walked from the house to the MRT station and took the Circle Line to Harbour Front, where I switched to the Northeast Line to Dhoby Ghaut, and then took the Jorong East Line to Orchard Road. Confusing right??!! That brought me to the ION shopping center (or centre here), where I felt right at home amidst H&M and Forever 21. There were some other really cool and flashy stores as well, but I was too scared to try out my debit card there…just in case it didn't work! But I took the risk at a Starbucks on Orchard Rd (I needed my fix!!)….S$7.50 for a tall caramel ribbon crunch frap…thats $5.96 USD…can't remember how much it costs back home, but think its comparable. Anyways, after that I trekked down Orchard Rd and saw the Far East Shopping Center and my bargain radar went "DING!" Honestly, it was a bit scary in there….almost reminded me of the little markets in Cancun or something….you know, where everyone stands outside their shop and tells you their prices, only this time its in a tall air-conditioned building with escalators and nice music. I ran out of there and finally found the International Building after asking 5 people and getting several different directions. My first thought when I walked in the building was, "YES! Its air-conditioned!!"? It is very, very hot here….91 and humid. So I met my CI, who is very nice, and saw where I'll be interning. The clinic almost looks like a day spa….very fancy.

So today was a success, mostly because I didn't get lost and didn't spend a ton of money shopping….thats for tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get a phone too, but if you want to chat just Skype me! Ta-ta for now, I'm gonna go cool off in the pool! Yep, be jealous!

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