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November 9th 2009
Published: November 9th 2009
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It was sad checking out of our posh hotel in Bangkok. We could've stayed a few more relaxing days but we were off to the next destination. A hop, skip, and a jump flight to Singapore left us in the 88F humid air of this large city. Once again, we had a great luxury hotel (Conrad Centennial) but Tammy scored a deal for $79 (tax included).
The hotel is next to a ton of shopping complexes and has a HUGE fountain out front. The fountain is called the Fountain of Wealth and is located in the middle of a gigantic traffic circle. At night the fountain lights up and changes color. Spectacular view of it from our 23rd floor room (see pic).
We were then off by subway to find the restaurant Rick saw on Discovery Channel- the Banana Leaf Apolo. It is located in Little India section of Singapore so guess what type of food it is. Considering Tammy doesn't like Indian food, a short stop at McDonald's for her dinner was necessary first. Poor Tammy. But that just left Rick all the hungrier when we got there. It looked just like it did on the telly. They are
Rick eating Sri Lankan chili crab & Black sauce cuttlefishRick eating Sri Lankan chili crab & Black sauce cuttlefishRick eating Sri Lankan chili crab & Black sauce cuttlefish

Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant in Little India, Singapore.
famous for their fish head curry but it is a real big dish and too much for one. So, Rick tried out some other exotic fare. Sri Lankan chili crab and cuttlefish in black (ink) sauce. All served on a banana leaf with rice of course. Wasn't hot, well not that hot, but it sure was spicy as Indian food typically is. Yum! Rick was stuffed and loved it. Afterwards, we headed over a few blocks to see the Kali temple. Didn't look at all on the outside like the "Temple of Doom" in Indiana Jones. But we caught "Little India" during rush hour. The streets were just jam packed everywhere you looked with Indian men. Yep, no women to be seen anywhere. Rick's theory is that they are at home where they should be getting dinner ready for their hard working husbands. ; ) We have another theory on the general lack of women in the few side streets we were on. We think we were in the "San Francisco" type of area with lots of men hanging around and holding hands. So, would be a better alternate explanation why no women were needed. A couple pics of the temple then back on the subway to the hotel. Tammy said it very much reminded her of her trip to India but cleaner. It's an authentic Indian area not a touristy faux Indian area.
Let us comment that Atlanta officials that run MARTA should come to Singapore and Bangkok see the efficient and easy way they use their subways and elevated trains. It's a piece of cake, even for a foreigner. They are quick, efficient, and relatively inexpensive.
Back to the hotel for bubble bath and bad TV and up early again tomorrow for 9AM (18 hr) flight back to Los Angeles. Bleck! So, we'll pop the Dramamine and hope for a smoother flight than last time.

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Fountain of Wealth, Outside hotel, SingaporeFountain of Wealth, Outside hotel, Singapore
Fountain of Wealth, Outside hotel, Singapore

This fountain located in the middle of a traffic circle, is designed as Feng Shui, and lights up and changes colors at night.

9th November 2009

Well, as you head back to the real world...
Get ready. Rick, I'm glad you got your Chili Crab dish and Tammy, I am with you Mc D's is better (LOL) Now Rick when you get back to the real word (DNR) we know that you have been pampered and spoil but, I hate to say it, the party is over!!!! It will be good to have you we need to get the Maalox or Pepto Bismal ready for you? Seriously guys, it has been great reading the BLOGS and viewing the movies and Pictures, I feel like I have been on vacation with you. Great detail in your writing. Thanks
9th November 2009

Welcome home.
Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. It's like I am traveling with you as well:)
11th November 2009

Little India men
The reason why there are so many men in Little India is that most of them are not Singaporeans at all. They are migrant workers from India. Most Singaporean women, including Indian Singaporeans, work and certainly do not wait on their husbands at home. Hope this clarifies.
12th November 2009

Thanks for clarification, Dave
We did notice the men looked Indian and not Singaporean. It makes sense that is why there were so many men walking and sitting around. Are they freelance migrant workers? In Atlanta, a lot of our Hispanic migrant workers wait around until someone comes by to hire them. We certainly enjoyed Singapore and it's a beautiful cosmopolitan New York City-type of hussle/bussle city. Wish we'd have had more time to visit it.

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