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January 25th 2009
Published: January 29th 2009
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You may have got the impression from my other blogs, that i didn't like Australia. For the most part that is true, but i did like the north of Queensland, and Brisbane was a nice city. Cairns and Cape Trib were much more scenic. We did do more in those places, so I'm not sure if we liked the place because we did more or we did more because we liked the place. Its one of those chicken and egg type of questions. Also, I'd like to apologize for truly atrocious spelling. I had a quick read over a few of my past blogs. I cant help it, I'm rushing.

Anyway, airports. Why is it always me that gets picked out to be checked for bombs? Annie says I've got a guilty look about me. I don't, do I? Maybe the lethal looking hair clip that set the metal detector off had something to do with it...Anyway, Singapore airport is HUGE! We got the sky train to the stop nearest our hostel and after some confusion (on my part at least) we found the hostel. It's really nice, really clean. Much nicer than we were expecting anyway. You have to
Shop and DineShop and DineShop and Dine

These are the two main passtimes in Singapore, and seeing as all the shops are shut...
take your shoes off before you go in. We didn't really do anything for Chinese New Year (CNY). By the time we got to our hostel, we were tired. Our hostel is in little India, so there weren't really any celebrations going on around us.

The next day, we went for a wander, doing cultural things like art galleries before getting lost on the way back to the hostel. One thing about CNY, everything closes for the holiday. Well, not everything, but most places. There was a cafe open at one of the art galleries, so we had an icecream sundae. When it came, we were very grateful that we only got one between us. It was big. That evening we went out for dinner with Bt and his wife, Sandy, at a seafood restaurant called Long Beach. You will probably be surprised by what we ate, and many of the dishes were entirely new to us...in fact most of them were. First, we had a salad thing called Lou Hai. It's basically vegetables with raw fish (i think it was salmon) and dressing. You are meant to mix it up by everyone picking bits up, raising them high and dropping it again, saying what you wish and hope for in the new year while you do it. 'Say' being the optimum word, I was only thinking that I wanted lots of money and to get a job that paid me to clear off and go travelling... It's a tradition that only happens at the Lunar New Year and Bt, though he wasn't sure, thought it was only practiced in Singapore and Malaysia. It tasted really nice, sweet but slightly sour at the same time. Next came the prawns. They were in rice and were quite nice. I know, i know, I don't like prawns, but these were ok. They were fresh. We also had scallops in a ginger sauce with veg, a fish of some sort fried (which was delicious), and garlic clams. Clams. Not too sure about them, but again for the texture, not the taste, they tasted good, but then, you know me and garlic. Then came the grand finale. Chilli crab. Yes, we ate crab. What can i say? Yum. The sauce was a little spicey but not too bad, sweet at the same time, not as spicey as i was expecting anyhow. It was really really nice. Very messy, so we got covered in the stuff, but it tasted delicious. We had some little buns to dip in the sauce. They were nice as well. Generally everything was tasted good. To wash all that down we had tea... lots and lots of tea. Annie and I also had a coconut each. The desert was a little strange, white fungus. It was sweet and watery but i'm not sure if i liked it. After that collosal meal, and a short walk to the watersports place on the pier, we went on a driving tour of Singapore. All in all, we had a fantastic evening.

We were planning to go to the zoo, but we didn't get up early enough to catch the free shuttle ( which leaves at 8am, so it wasnt just us being lazy but the bus being stupidly early) and the directions to get there on public transport was complicated and involved lots of changes. So we didn't go. Instead, we made our way to the train station to buy a ticket for the train into Malaysia. After that, we went for the obligatory Singapore sling at the Long bar at
Ahh the chopsticks. Ahh the chopsticks. Ahh the chopsticks.

For some reason i just couldn't get it right. I had to resort to a fork...
Raffels hotel. It was really nice, expensive, but nice. We just hung around the hostel being boring for the rest of the day, before going out for dinner. I'm ashamed to say, that after the the fantastic meal the night before, we resorted to the culinary disaster that is McDonalds. We didn't have many Singapore dollars left and we didnt want to get more out because we were leaving the next day. Off to Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur.

Our hostel has free internet, which is why there is a blog so soon. I'm not sure how easy its going to be to get to computers from now on so they my be a bit sparodic.

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Dunno why that's a raw...but it looks dangerous...
The Long barThe Long bar
The Long bar

At the Raffels hotel
Wasn't me!Wasn't me!
Wasn't me!

You can eat peanuts and just drop the shells on the floor! Cool...

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