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November 26th 2007
Published: December 8th 2007
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Well, I have one picture from Singapore - smile Johnny! I went into reverse culture shock, travelers apathy, and a photo protest all at once! I got to Singapore and it's amazingly clean, well-organized, and Westernized! tall buildings, clean streets, normal cars, and of course the official language is English! There's a super clean efficient Metro subway, and on my way into town from the airport I met some very nice locals who confirmed - not much to do in Singapore, but WELCOME!! They said i must do two things - go to Sentosa island and the Night Safari Zoo. My first day I was walking around sweating soooo much, I ducked into a movie theater and watched a movie for the first time in three months! Afterwards, I took the cable car over to the island and got a few pics, but this is where I started having the memory card problems, so I won't be able to post them. It's a bizarre little island with the organization, signage, and transportation very similar to a Disney theme park! There's not much to do but eat and drink, so that is what I did!

then back over to the mainland again I went exploring, but really the only thing they have there are MALLS! And we all know how much I love MALLS! Everytime you walked into one - it was PACKED shoulder to shoulder with people, and of course christmas decorations everywhere, it was freaking me out! I'm not in holiday mode, and even less in shopping mode, so I would run back outside in the sweltering heat wondering....what to do next!?!

the second day I spent all morning recovering my pictures from the virus ridden discs, then met up with Johnny and Mark from Bangkok! We had a blast recounting our adventures while we were apart, and hit a few must sees in the guide books, including a SIngapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel bar (rip off! thanks lonely planet!?!?!) That night I went to the night safari zoo and it was very cool, but no pictures because you're at a zoo at night! You can barely see the animals! It was pretty exciting to be wandering around with the crocodiles, elephants, and rhinos at night.....and the setup of the zoo is that it looks like the animals are not behind any enclosures, so it makes it rather exciting! I took the subway to the river area and met the boys out for a few drinks in town - I decided it would be a pretty neat place to live, there are many awesome clubs and themed restaurants...but for visiting it was extremely expensive!! Again, perspective gives me a different opinion - after SE Asia, it was like being in a theme park!! Alas, I must get used to these Western ways again.....it's weird but I really miss the exotic wonderment of Thailand and Malaysia!


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