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Asia » Singapore » Jurong West January 1st 2015

I’m really not much of a gambler, but I do enjoy horse racing. The first horse race I ever went to was at the St. Joseph County Fair more than thirty years ago. It was a cool, drizzly day, and the bleachers were old, splintery wooden benches with no shelter from the weather. I sat there absolutely transfixed, and watched a whole afternoon of racing, fortified only by the occasional cup of bad coffee. I’ve visited much nicer tracks since then. I’ve wanted to go to the Singapore Turf Club for quite some time, but never quite made it. Either there was no racing on the calendar, or my schedule didn’t fit with the racing program. But not this year! The stars aligned and I was able to finally get to see horse racing in Singapore. ... read more
good luck horse
covered paddock 2
huge toteboard

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West October 14th 2013

We got a little bit if a sleep in today. We got up at about 8:30am, got ready and headed out for some breakfast. We ended up at McDonald's (hotcakes, hash brown and an iced Milo). Walked around the Bugis Mall for a while as they weren't open and didn't open til 10:30am. On the way back to the hotel we stopped in at a pet shop and saw a real hamster and chinchilla!! Weird things. Unfortunately there was great big signs saying 'No Photos' Boooo!. We went back to the hotel and decided it was time to tackle the MRT, the Singapore Rail Network. We worked out where we were and where we wanted ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West August 4th 2013

Went to check out the Chinese Gardens today. The gardens were built in 1975 by a Taiwanese architect. They are based on the concept of Chinese garden art, which integrates architectural features with the natural landscape. The garden has several pagodas, numerous bridges, a Bonsai garden, ponds and streams, statues of traditional Chinese heroes, and a turtle and tortoise museum. The gardens are free but the museum is not. Most of the bridges and statues are carved from gorgeous white marble. The gardens are very pretty and would probably be best visited in the evening when it's not quite so hot.... read more
Chinese Garden, Singapore
Chinese Garden, Singapore (8)
Chinese Garde, Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West June 19th 2012

A strange thing it is, that I am here now.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West April 5th 2012

So, here it very first blog post...EVER!!! :) Yesssssss, just one week to go for the much anticipated Thailand trip. All the planning is almost over. The flights, the hotels, the tours and everything else in between is booked. The visas are ready and the INR is being converted to SGD and THB. Here's to an EPIC trip with some of the awesome-est people I have ever met. Our friendship started 8 years back in a small classroom in Chennai, and today, we are awaiting a badass trip to the Asian Party Capital - Thailand! Though only five, among the ten of us are going, we are gonna have a blast, miss the bitches who dint come and hope that they do come the next time around! Life is short, enjoy it while it lasts, ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West March 2nd 2010

We had discussed last night where we were going to go today. I really wanted to take them to Jurong Bird Park, which is a fabulous place to spend the day. F wanted to visit the Zoo; I have only been to the Night Safari Zoo, which is also a fun thing to do, so it was Singapore Zoo that we ended up going to. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go there but knowing that we were going to be spending the next 5 or 6 weeks looking at wildlife I wanted them to do something a little different. However, neither HB nor F knew where we were going. They never do, it is left to the day before we leave for the next country or, in some cases, until we are boarding the ... read more
 A we kiss
Monkey around
It's Jack!

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West December 5th 2009

A nice day at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Our first trip here that it did not rain while we were visiting (4 prior visits = rain each time!) Just photos; no captions...... read more
Jurong Bird Park 2
Jurong Bird Park 3
Jurong Bird Park 4

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West August 28th 2009

Sorry it's been a little long since my last entry. I have been running around like crazy for the last couple of weeks doing all kinds of fun stuff. Some of that stuff was going to East Coast Park (a beach in Singapore), taking a trip to the Singapore Zoo, and last weekend I went to Batam, Indonesia to go cable skiing. EAST COAST PARK: The park is located on the East side of the island. It is approximately 4 km long (2.5 mi.) and it is decoarated with lovely palm trees, quiet ponds, and biking/rollerblading paths. It takes about 1 hr to get there using the public transportation, the MRT (the train) and then a quick bus. When we got there we walked to the water and the first thing that you notice is the ... read more
Our group
Freight Ship
Park Area

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West August 16th 2009

NATIONAL DAY: Last Sunday, August 9th of 2009, was Singapore's 44th National Day. Singapore was originally a British colony (along w/ the rest of those islands in southeast Asia) until 1963 when it, along with it's neighboring countries were able to acheive independance from Britain and merged together to form the federation of Malaysia. However this ended up being an unsuitable arrangement for Singapore; so in less than two years they seceded and became an independant Republic on August 9th 1965 (they were recognised in the UN before that year was over). So, being that it is still a very small nation, the celebration of their national day was no small matter. I imagine that the 4th of July is celebrated in a big way down in D.C. every year, but I have never gone so ... read more
Payang Drum

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West August 10th 2009

My Journey to Singapore took a total of 25 hours (I slept about 3-5 hrs of it). including two layovers; one in Detroit and the other at Narita, Tokyo. In Tokyo I had about two hours before my next flight, so I decided to explore the airport, which sounds really lame; but I found some cool stuff and I managed to get myself kicked out of a private lounge (I walked in thinking it was a normal bar). I saw calamari and some type of fish bagged up and hanging in a small store. I also bought myself my own beer for the first timewhile I was there. it was a Sapporo and it was great. The rest of the travel was relatively uneventful. I arrived in the airport and went through customs by literally walking ... read more
Bagged Anchovies
Bagged Calamari
Campus Building

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