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April 18th 2012
Published: April 22nd 2012
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Singapore sling :)
A day and one night was definitely enough for us in Singapore, although we found it a very friendly and clean place it didn't offer much for us as budget backpackers. We did enjoy a Singapore sling at Raffles, curtesy of Andre, Ailessa and Sarina and they were heaven and well refreshing - thank you very much guys.

We'd pre booked our beds on the jungle train into Malaysia so all we had to do was get there. Thinking we had given ourselves plenty of time we still found ourselves in a mad panic searching for our connecting bus and missing a bolt of lightening by a metre (and thinking it was a bomb!)

Ten minutes into our journey train appears to have broken down and after a few attempts and the engine failing each time we decide to kill some time by visiting the 'restaurant' cabin for some fried rice. On the way passing half a dozen workmen laughing and trying to work out the problem! Over an hour later the problem is resolved and we've set off and got comfy watching an episode of the walking dead - thank you Sorensen-Jones clan!

Quite a few generous sized bugs sharing the beds with us, Paul has removed them and has left me alone on the bottom bunk...with the sound of the dude next door to me snooring and a lady opposite with a real nasty cough (I'm sure she should get that looked at).

This train ride is 14 hours and brings us close to the sea where we can get a boat to the paradise of the Perhentians. Suppose I should try get some sleep!

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Sleeper TrainSleeper Train
Sleeper Train

Janey getting comfy on the sleeper train
SleeperTrain 2SleeperTrain 2
SleeperTrain 2

Sleeper Train; Noisy, smelly, bumpy,broke down twice, didn't get any sleep but loved every minute of it!

24th April 2012

Perhentian Paradise
Great to read you're having such a marvellous time. Enjoy and savour every second both of you. Lucy has sent me emails, thanks. Take care. All love - Dad,Jan xxxxxxx
30th April 2012

Jealous much!!
All sounds absolutely fab -- looking forward to keeping up with you both on your travels to far off lands -- just to keep you up to date with my travels, been to York and been to work and its raining buckets -- are you sure you dont want to come back!!
1st May 2012

Hurry up
Come on, we need another blog. Get writing

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