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July 7th 2015
Published: July 7th 2015
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I found the serenity I have been looking for at the Changi Beach Park in Pasir Ris. At the Marina Bay, I was not refreshed by its water and the blowing wind and cannot think of anything significant to write because things around me were man-made - their giant trees, rainforest falls, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and mall. What I really don't appreciate coming there was the heat doesn't suit me and I wasn't up to the heat today.

I was so relieved today, finally, I reached the beach park. I went the wrong way yesterday boarding a wrong bus going to Changi Road, thought that it would lead me to it and discovered that it was a different place. Aside from the park, I also explored the Changi Village which was a few bus stops away from the beach and found the well-recommended nasi lemak food stall with its good otak-otak at the Changi Village Food Center located near the bus parking station at the back of the other food kiosks. It was the only stall there with a queue. I just found that it was the one when I saw its merit certificate after joining the long line of people ordering.

At the Changi Beach, though its water was murky, it was not smelly. I only hear the ocean waves with some noise background of planes, bus and car engines. Apart from that I just felt the wind splashing to my face and brushing through my hair. I felt peaceful like in yoga state of mind inhaling the saltiness of the sea.

I appreciate the park, the biking lane, the greeneries and the not so populated surroundings. I saw family picnicking, men throwing their fishing lines, people running, biking, or just strolling like me through the long stretch of the beach park, others pitched their tents camping by the sea shore.

Thank you God for this wonderful gift. The gift of air, the gift of nature (sea, sand, plants, birds flying by flock or by solo or chirping idly atop the tree): where I can sense Your love more; where I am assured of greater inner peace; where I can think of fear and face it at the same time.

This travel is not for me to see tourist places but more of people-watching, see how they live, their way of life. Several days already passed since I have been here in Singapore. And in the next days I have to move again to another place so unfamiliar and this time so alone.


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