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July 30th 2012
Published: July 1st 2012
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Day 49

Arrived in Singapore right on time @ 0600 after a long flight from Roma. The seats on this flight felt like ones from an old Dash 8 plane - hard and bloody uncomfortable so sleep was in bits.

Decided to walk from T2 to T3 at Changi airport (for those who know Changing this is a reasonable walk). Problem was my directional calculator was a bit off and we ended up walking to the end of T2 then had to come back past where we started again to get to T3. D'oh...

Oh well, a 40 minute walk helped kick away the sitting blues....... Straight to the shower place for a well needed refreshing shower then to try and get dry (28 C when we landed and getting steamier).

Do some last minute duty free shopping for Chris's cosmetics and then a bite and sit under an air conditioning duct before we hop on our next leg to Melbourne. Go to the gate and while there, Chris was filling the drink bottles. Came back and said there had just been a crash on the side road of the airport. Went and had a look - a really good one and hard to work out how. It happened right under where she was filling the bottles. A mini bus had run right up the bum of another van under the walkway to our plane. Smashed the back of the van -windows popped in the back and sides of that van and the front flattened on the back one. People in the back looking a bit dazed and the driver of one of the vans holding his head.

As we finally board, the firies are there with the police, etc. The driver of one of the vans looking very embarrassed but all others seemed ok. What is it with us and accidents over these past few days... Oh well a bit of excitement before we head off. This time we get better seats and basically crash out for half the flight home so feel much better when we land.

All good through customs and quarantine and met by Marg at the waiting wall at Tulla. Nice to see a familiar face again. Delivered home safely and our first real look at the new driveway, even if it is dark. Looks really good.

Greeted by a warm house with a special welcome home pack courtesy of our next door neighbors (thanks Janice and Guy - especially as well as looking after Nova for us). We have a drink and chat some more with Marg then off to our comfortable bed for a good nights sleep.

I guess this means the holiday is really over now.......

Hopefully these blogs haven't been too boring. For those who have done our parts of Europe before I hope that they have rekindled some of the places you may have visited as well and recalled your memories of those places.

We have had a great time and seen some amazing places and sights. Some stats just to bore you a bit more:

Total time away - 49 days

Total photos - >3500 - Chris said that was about 70 per day.........

Total kms's in the car - 5191.9

Different beds slept in - way too many......


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