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November 12th 2006
Published: November 13th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

So, I'm on the way to India! How completely random is that! I'm actually writing this on the plane to Singapore 'cos I'm sick of watching movies, but I have to say, I could really get used this whole Business class thing (or 'Raffles' class as Singapore air call it). I haven't even arrived in India yet and I'm already looking forward to the ride home...

Business and First class seem to get express lines for everything which is kinda cool. For those Kath & Kim fans out there (Marg, Pando & Liz - I'm talking to you guys here) yes - the lounge is pretty well fitted out, although I didn't quite attack the provisions in Kath & Kell style. There were even little mini camebert and biscuits, fruit salad, drinks and who knows what else. Just a tad nicer than waiting at the gate until your plane boards!

So anyway, right now I've got a window seat in the upstairs of the plane. It's great, there's more sunshine than I ever see when I'm at work, heaps of space and my chair is seriously like sitting on a couch - you can adjust the position to the
Landing in SingaporeLanding in SingaporeLanding in Singapore

The city just looks so organised with all the neat, square buildings

The city looks so organised, all the buildings are square and neat...most minute detail and lay down completely flat if you want to. The air hostesses bring round warm towels intermittently and there's absolutely no danger at all of starving here, I swear people just keep coming and feeding me!

I was a little worried about the cuisine when the first thing I was given to nibble on was a packet of wasabi flavoured nuts (yes, wasabi is on the list of things that are too spicy/hot for my liking), but it definitely improved from there. They even serve milo! Admittedly the milo seems to have been made using water, but it's the thought that counts right? Lunch was pretty good, or at least I thought it was, but I'm fairly easily impressed and I didn't have high expectations of airline food. I had some kind of a seafood salad entree, and then lamb with baked garlic and mash, and then there was ice cream, and cheese and crackers, and fruit, and chocolates... I'm thinking I may have to pretend to sleep so they stop bringing me food. On the other hand, I figure I may as well enjoy it - if I get sick in India it'll probably all even out anyway.

I've also decided that I like flying in the daytime. When we flew to Europe we left well after dark so there wasn't too much to see but this time I've been able to see heaps of outback QLD and NT through the clouds. It's really quite amazing to see just how big it is. I took ma couple of photos but I dont think they'll come out too well.

I did have one moment of panic when I realised my ipod wasn't where I thought I'd packed it. I started frantically praying that I hadn't left it behind (that'd just be so cruel). I'd just about resigned myself to four weeks without it when it turned up in the very bottom of one of the pockets of my bag. So you can all releax, crisis over.

Don't worry, these will hopefully get more interesting once I've actually landed somewhere and I'm not just writing to entertain myself!


13th November 2006

oooh gotta get me a seat in business class sometime. it sounds fabulous!!
14th November 2006

Goodness gracious me! Mini cambert, lamb, chocolate, ice-cream! No need to worry about you!
16th November 2006

Glad you had a nice flight! I agree that Singapore Airlines is a fantastic airline, try their first class and you will never want to get off the plane! lol But how can you get tired of Krisworld (the entertainment system)? I just love it, it has absolutely everything! Anyway, have fun in India!
22nd November 2006

Ahh luxery, spare a thought for the plebs in yout travels... if you need to go back you'll be taking your maid right?
22nd November 2006

Lucky You
Well live on Singapore airlines, sounds like you were too well fed

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