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February 9th 2010
Published: February 9th 2010
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From the time of taking off to now, sunday 2am us or about 7 pm singapore, i've had 3 solid hours of sleep and some catnaps on the plane. let me tell you, sleep deprivation gives a whole new light to what is true and real, i know some psychotherapeutic techniques require patience to stay awake for more than 24 hours before treatment can begin. it wears down the mind and makes one more raw to an extent of course.
so i arrived in singapore took a taxi to my hotel, found out that my booking is only good for afternoon of the booking date, my mom reserved the 7th but i had to spend more money on another guesthouse so i could shower and be somewhere while waiting 'til noon to check in to the nice clean place where i'm typing this right now.
i followed the addresses of the singapore contacts on the math website, of the two the first one i tried was nonexistent i assumed the same for the other. i went to the second address anyway cause it was in little india and i knew i could find some good veg food there, even though i found a really nice pure veg place near to the first address i went to. i exited the metro and went the wrong way a couple blocks on my way back i walked through some big mall and got distracted with all the fashionable purchasable for a few seconds but i'm poor so it helps me ignore all that stuff that i would like to waste my money on. finally i find the little road Upper Dickson in little india and i see "Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant" or something, nothing less than a glimmer of light in pitch darkness i was ecstatic!
walking in there's two big full body photos of gurudeva and guru maharaja, the other walls posted with beautifully framed pictures of krishna performing his pastimes.

I LOVE MY INDIA! I LOVE MY INDIA! kept going through my head, i think it's the equivalent to bumper stickers in the US even though they use it everywhere. i really do love my india, all the smells (exhaust and sewage, as well as others) that remind me of india i breath deeply, savoring every scent that reminds me of india. images flash through my head relating what i'm smelling to the place in india where remember smelling the same thing.

in the restaurant it took much effort to keep myself from laughing hysterically in anticipation of being in india.
it feels like if i had flown directly to kolkata the feelings experienced would have been too overwhelming, so i was made to go through singapore and experience little india so maybe my heart could dip it's toes in, so to speak.
EVEN NOW! even now the excitement and anticipation of being in kolkata math is indescribable.

apparently they have bhajans down there i should go now before i'm late.

all glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!


PS Photos will be on facebook, i don't know how to get photos on here yet.


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