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February 18th 2020
Published: February 18th 2020
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The cruise that wasn’t.The cruise that wasn’t.The cruise that wasn’t.

Maybe some other time.
How quickly plans change.

Thanks to the threat of The Virus, particularly on cruise ships, we literally walked away from our 8 day cruise from Singapore up the Malaysian Peninsula to Phuket and back. There were just too many horror stories of quarantined ships breeding more sickness.

Still, we managed 3 enjoyable days in Singapore.

You will be spared the multitude of photos this time.

We’re now at Changi Airport waiting on our flight to Sydney, Australia where we will spend the next month.

Singapore is not a typical Asian bargain. Hotels are expensive. We paid $200 a night for a pretty ordinary room. When a beer costs $16 Canadian I flinch!

Considered the safest city in Asia, there was not an obvious police presence. Plenty of electronic surveillance and strict enforcement though. Caning is a routine punishment just like Old Days at school.

Panoramas: All 3 taken at the Harbour.

Additional photos below
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Singapore Botanic GardensSingapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Apart from the heat and heavy humidity the stroll through these extensive series of parks and gardens was very pleasant.
Orchid GardenOrchid Garden
Orchid Garden

Beautiful displays here.
Asian Civilizations MuseumAsian Civilizations Museum
Asian Civilizations Museum

We were particularly interested in the displays of items recovered from this trading vessel wrecked off a nearby island In 850 AD or so.
Remarkably intactRemarkably intact
Remarkably intact

Many of the Chinese made dishes survived intact. Some of the artifacts were carefully restored, others were left encrusted in coral.
Guided tourGuided tour
Guided tour

Our local guide took us on a fascinating tour of China town.She was born here, in a house that held 7 unrelated families, 1 room each with a communal kitchen & bathroom.
Medicine shopMedicine shop
Medicine shop

Just about everything you can imagine, dried and ready to cure what ails you! Seahorses, shaven elk horn, fish stomachs, squid, gliding lizards....yes, really!
Didn’t believe me eh!Didn’t believe me eh!
Didn’t believe me eh!

Just soak in hot water for 2 hours then enjoy! It will cure (or cause) something or other.
Gardens By the BayGardens By the Bay
Gardens By the Bay

2 spectacular domes, climate controlled, enclose beautiful displays of flowers, shrubs and massive trees. It was so pleasant to be in here after the oppressive humidity outside.
Driftwood DragonDriftwood Dragon
Driftwood Dragon

Interspersed among the shrubs lurk numerous creatures carved from driftwood.
The cloud forestThe cloud forest
The cloud forest

Everything here on a massive scale. Meant to impress, and it did!
And this is...?And this is...?
And this is...?

A catchment “tree” to collect rain water then direct it into a reservoir. Singapore has very few natural resources. What it has, it uses vey intelligently. Raw water is bought from Malaysia, purified, then sold back to their neighbours.
The Merlion The Merlion
The Merlion

Symbol of Singapore. 1/2 lion 1/2 fish it commands a place of honour on the waterfront.
Singapore Sands Casino & HotelSingapore Sands Casino & Hotel
Singapore Sands Casino & Hotel

The elevated panoramic shots were taken from the ‘ship’ perched on top.
High above the cityHigh above the city
High above the city

From the 56th floor of the Singapore Sands Casino & Hotel. Up to 800 ships wait to load or unload. Second only to Shanghai as a seaport. You can see the 2 huge domed gardens ($ 1 billion!) that we toured earlier.
Want to burn some money?Want to burn some money?
Want to burn some money?

You can rent one of these beauties for just $300 US, for 10 minutes, in traffic!! No old cars in Singapore. You must scrap your car after 10 years (they sell them in Africa and New Zealand!) or pay 100% duty.
Singapore SlingSingapore Sling
Singapore Sling

Marlene just had to have one, reliving her youth!
Parking Cop!Parking Cop!
Parking Cop!

This little robot patrols the area in front of each terminal and electronically tickets cars that linger too long.
The JewelThe Jewel
The Jewel

A remarkable mall at the centre of Changi terminal 1. Not surprisingly voted the best airport in the world.

18th February 2020
Ready to move on!

Singapore sights
Good choice not going on the cruise. I have heard so much about Singapore, it looks amazing. I can't believe the number of ships waiting in the harbour, wow!
18th February 2020
Ready to move on!

Hi from Ted and Moe
Hi Ian and Marlene, Thanks for the update. We fully understand your decision to decline the cruise - it’s a crazy time for cruises right now. Singapore looked quite impressive! Enjoy Australia,we’re sure you will , Ted and Moe

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