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June 28th 2014
Published: July 6th 2014
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We arrived to sunny and hot Singapore on Midsummer’s eve. The difference to Java was striking; everything was clean and well organized, and there was space everywhere. After checking in to our room we went for lunch with Anna and Ville, friends from Finland currently living in Singapore, and their new born baby Viktor. Ville had to go back to work after the lunch, but the rest of us then went for a brief sightseeing through the business district with its sky scrapers and bold contemporary architecture to Gardens By The Bay, a big outdoor area with areas for different countries containing information on their culture. There was also a daily light show displayed on futuristic looking mushroom monuments that we watched before continuing to the Arab quarters for dinner.

The next day, Midsummer day, Anna and Ville had reserved the barbeque place of their condo for the evening, so we set out together to find some proper seafood for the grill. This took us to a market in the Indian quarters where all kinds of fresh seafood were available. We settled for some bugs (slipper lobsters), prawns and stingray, apparently a popular fish to grill in Singapore. After this we split up, Anna went home with Viktor who didn’t quite like the hot weather, Johanna went shopping on her own and I and Ville went to Sim Lim square, the best place to find all kinds of electronics, to get a new charger for my mobile phone. In the evening we then had a Midsummer feast on the seafood that Ville had grilled to perfection, but also on delicacies like rye bread, smoked salmon and pickled herring that Anna’s parents had brought from Finland.

After one more day in Singapore, during which we went to an exhibition showing photos by Annie Leibovitz, we started off towards Kuala Lumpur. We didn’t have any plans for KL, we went there as we had booked a flight from Singapore to Manado 5 days later and we thought it would be nice to see something else than Singapore while waiting for the flight. KL felt almost like two different cities. The area between Petronas towers and the Golden triangle were fancy shopping centers like in any western city, the area between Chinatown and Little India felt more crowded, noisy and dirty, more like what you would expect from an Asian capital.

Our time in KL was spent mostly walking around town and shopping in the different areas. One funny incident happened; Johanna had received a job offer that she accepted while in KL, and as it turned out that her future boss was also in KL on a business trip at the time, we went out to celebrate the recruitment together with him. 😊 The world is smaller than you would think!

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7th July 2014
Singapore - lightshow on the mushroom

Beautiful. Brings back good memories.

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