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Asia » Philippines » Banaue March 29th 2015

As we intended to spend some extended time in the Philippines we decided to explore the north luzon area before we got to the islands so we could get a better feel for the country. We also like to work for our beach time; theres no pleasure without pain. Plus we figured 1 week of strenuous mainland activity equates to several weeks of beach time right? When we were told by other backpackers that the rice terraces in north luzon were truly beautiful although we were in no doubt about it, we could not start to picture or imagine what these terraces were like for ourselves. Looking at pictures gave us a general idea but this alone was not even close to the actual experience. The experience was far better. Being there with these terraces in ... read more
Overlooking the town of Banaue
On a mission to the view point

Asia » Philippines » Manila March 27th 2015

AirAsia Flight assistant;Hi Maam Hi Sir, Where are you flying? Chris&P: Hi We're flying to Manila in the Philippines? AirAsia Flight assistant; Okay can I see your booking? Chris&P: Yeah sure? (as we pass over phone) Pause AirAsia Flight assistant; Maam Sir, this is a one way ticket. Do you have your return flight? Chris&P: Yes AirAsia Flight assistant; Can I see it? Chris&P: It's uhh on our emails that we don't have access to but we leave in 20 days from Manila to Bangkok. AirAsia Flight assistant; I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have to see the booking before I board you onto this flight GREAT! What are we going to do? We need WiFi and we need it quick. Then we can book our return flight out of the country. So far this is ... read more
Many trishaw drivers in Manila
Game of chess in Rizal park
Manila's "street kids"

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Mauban March 24th 2015

My aunt and uncle chose to celebrate their birthday here at Butas butas. And I'm sooo lucky because it's my first time to be here at this cave. I'm from QC and I'm just on a vacation here in Quezon Province. I love travelling with my family. I love nature, beautiful sceneries, every God's artwork ❤ But the bad thing is, i forgot to bring my camera. So we just use our mobile phones for taking pics. We rent the boat of my family's friend and they accompanied us to the cave. We brought lots of food and the guitar also.. It's my first time to ride a boat btw. and it takes 2 hours before you reach the cave. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery while we were on our trip. The mountains, the powerplant, the ... read more
The powerplant.
This photo was taken while we were on the boat. That's the cave!
The rocks ❤

Asia » Philippines » Boracay March 15th 2015

A short sum up from my weeks in The Philippines ... read more
Whale sharks, oslob
Habla Habla

Asia » Philippines » Surigao del Norte March 15th 2015

From Tandag it was an easy 40km to Lanuza and once again the scenery was wonderful. We were not sure where we would be staying in Lanuza as most of the accommodation is in Homestays, but as we neared Lanuza we saw a signboard for the Priz Babak Beach Resort, so decided to have a look. Took all of about 30 seconds to decide this was where we would be staying! Amazing little place, perched right on the waterfront with great views up and down the Coast. Only 3 rooms, and no other people staying, caretaker who only visited for few minutes each day, so we had this whole place to ourselves! Total isolation, no noise, only the waves, surrounded by Coconut groves and backing on to a river, this is a totally unique little place. ... read more
Sanctuary Cafe, Lanuza
Sanctuary Lookout
View North from Sanctuary

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal March 9th 2015

I left swedish ground over 13 month ago to travel across the world and see the turtles in Bali, skydiving over mountains in new Zealand and see the beaches in Australia. It was a 4 months trip with 2 Swedish friends. We thought we were super easy going with low standards in Bali. We didn't care where we slept as long as it were clean, have AC and a nice bed and we almost always went to the cheapest restaurants, we stayed away from local street food, we didn't want to be sick. One of the girls dropped of after a month in Bali but we continued cruising New Zealand and the East coast of Australia, even couchsurfed a bit if we found a nice host. When the 4 months came to an end I just ... read more
New Zealand
Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Surigao del Sur March 9th 2015

A very easy and scenic ride from Cagwait to Tandag City. The roads of Surigao Del Sur are wonderful, smooth and great scenery all the way. Arrived in Tandag just as a massive rain downpour began. Lasted almost all day, just as well we had no plans and just wanted to rest in the Hotel. The Hotel we found was the Haguisan Inn, right in the centre of the town, big AC room with CATV and wifi for 650 peso. Nice balconies overlooking the street where you can relax and easy distance from the Highway where all the Eaterys seem to be located. Next morning was full sunshine so we went to see Linungao Twin Islands where there is a nice grotto and an amazing walkway around one Island with some great views. Next we rode ... read more
Pleasure to ride these roads
Tago River

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal March 8th 2015

Not a big city girl After the first day in Cebu city I started to feel a bit homesick for the first time in 13 months. I spent another night with my host before she was heading to the coast for the weekend and I was invited. The only thing I have planned is my date of departure so I just go along with whatever comes up. The next day I spent in the city with an American guy that also was couchsurfing at the same place, we walked around went on some jeepneys before we got bored and went back to the apartment. I started to regret that I booked 1 whole month and was just wait for our host to come back so we could go. The bus ride Jumped on the bus to ... read more
Hey Mr.Turtle
I'm on a boat

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Surigao del Sur March 8th 2015

Quick ride from Marihatag to the small town of Cagwait, just past which is Cagwait White Sand Beach. We arrived and rode along the rough road at the back of the beach looking for places to stay. The best we could find was the Government run LGU Beach Resort. Very nice place set in lovely grounds and right on the best stretch of beach. 700 peso for a big AC room with CR but no wifi. The beach is beautiful, a big arc of very clean white sand. Great for swimming and easy to find cheap food at the local eaterys. Even though we arrived on a Saturday there were not very many people staying at the beach. Very relaxed sort of place where you can buy a bottle of Tanduay and sit right on the ... read more
Very rustic beach cottages
Far Northern end of the beach
LGU Beach Resort

Asia » Philippines » Surigao del Sur March 7th 2015

One of the great things with travelling on a motorbike is that you get to discover some great little gems that might otherwise be missed. This day was about to include not one, but two absolute gems of Surigao Del Sur. We left Lianga for the short ride North to San Augustin. Just before you reach San Augustin you pass a lookout point over the Britania Islands. Then you come to Barangay Salvacion and see a big signboard for the Resorts near Port Britania. We stopped for a coffee at a local sari sari store and we were asked if we wanted to go Island Hopping. We sure did! We followed the boat owner on his motorbike down a very rough road to a toll booth and registered our names, then a further km or so ... read more
Beach at Port Britania
Islands in background
Boatmen loading our luggage

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