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Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » South Cotabato » Lake Sebu February 17th 2015

Early start and rode from Gensan to Koronodal, then Surallah and on to Lake Sebu. We didnt realise that Lake Sebu is actually 1000 metres above sea level, so some of the hills approaching the Lake came as a bit of a surprse! Very scenic though, especially as you approach the Lake. Found a nice small native cottage at Estares Lake Resort for 600 peso. Just a few steps from the waters edge and very private. Incredibly relaxing here after the traffic enroute. The Lake is set in a natural bowl surrounded by hills and just a few locals living along its shores. Our first full day was spent just riding around the Lake and admiring the scenery. Not easy to explain, but its very different to anywhere we have been before in the Philippines, awesome ... read more
Cotobato scenery
River crossing
Dole Pineapple Plantation

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » South Cotabato » General Santos February 16th 2015

From Gensan we rode out along the Sarangani Peninsula to Glan. Very scenic ride with some great views of the area. Had one terrifying moment when we were just cruising along a very quiet highway clad on both sides with Coconut Palms. From out of nowhere a fully grown cow leapt out into the middle of the road! Its legs were going in all sorts of directions as it tried to escape from our path. Luckily its momentum took away from us and we missed it by by about 200cm! All happened so quick that I didnt even have time to react. Lucky escape! We had a look at the small town of Glan but decided to find somewhere to stay right on the beach. We looked at the first resort outside Glan, the Brod Louie ... read more
Sarangani Bay
Very calm!
Road to Glan

Asia » Philippines » Luzon » Metro Manila » Makati City February 15th 2015

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » South Cotabato » General Santos February 13th 2015

Was raining very heavily when we left Santa Maria for the long trek back to the National Highway. The road very quickly went up into the hills of Sarangani and we realised we had very little petrol in the tank. Luckily we found a small sari sari store selling bottles of gasoline who also had change for a 1000 peso note. Sometimes almost impossible in the remote provinces. It was a long long ride to General Santos but at least the sun came out and the scenery was great. Arrived in Gensan and checked into La Mirada Guesthouse, 450 peso for nice quiet room with catv and wifi. Went for a quick tide around town and found QueenTuna Park Beach, fairly nice sandy beach right in the City. Very busy City with loads of blue trycycles ... read more
Sarangani scenery
Up in the hills
Sun comes out at last!

Asia » Philippines » Manila February 13th 2015

To begin with my adventure to Manila, I have to backtrack a little bit to Hong Kong. The day I was scheduled to leave Hong Kong, I had to leave my hostel by 6am to get to the airport. No big deal, the bus that I took from the airport to get to my hostel started running that early, all I had to do was go back to that stop and take the same bus! Or so I thought. What I failed to realize was that there was a huge marathon in Hong Kong. Right in the area my hostel was. Road blocks were up every where. I found the bus stop... only to realize my bus wouldn't be running in that area that day. Crap. Problem #1. OK, turn around and walk half a mile ... read more
Walking tour
Walking Tour
Walking Tour

Asia » Philippines » Davao del Sur February 12th 2015

We left Samal Island on the ferry and rode through Davao City and headed South. Was an extremely hot day and we decided to stop in Digos City. Found a nice place to stay, Digos City Inn, AC room with wifi on pleasant balcony overlooking the street. The staff were even kind enough to store our motorbike overnight inside. Next day we decided to head to a beach we had heard about near Santa Maria. Nice ride through hills with some great views, then back roads to Little Boracay Resort near Santa Maria. Luckily we were the only people there and got a simple cottage on the beach for 500 peso. Was supposed to be 1000 peso, but AC was not working so we got half rate! Very nice white sandy beach with very clean water. ... read more
Davao Del Sur scenery
Bendy roads going to Santa Maria
Up in the hills

Asia » Philippines » Manila February 11th 2015

Je m'apprête à passer la 5e nuit consécutive dans une place pas confortable du tout. Les 4 autres ont été dans une voiture. La 2e étape est déjà terminé! Pleins de beaux souvenirs que je vais me rappeler longtemps! :) Avant de commencer mon VRAI périple (ok ok je dis ca parce que mon intention initial était de voyager en Asie et j'ai fais quelque arrêts au passage!) je voulais vous partager mes photos de mon séjour à Hawaii. J'ai pas eu le temps de passer au travers de tout, mais bon, au moins c'est un début ;) De toute façon, je voulais pas poster des photos de plages seulement non plus! C'est pas full excitant! C'est quand même fou, je viens de faire 11h de vol, je suis partie le 10 février à 11:10am et ... read more
Waikiki Beach vu de Diamond Head
Sunset Ke'e beach
Secret Waterfall

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 10th 2015

We have had such a lay back two weeks doing absolutely nothing after we left Manilla we traveled to the island of Palawan, to Puerto Princesa we found a tree house on a beach and relaxed for a few days met a few travellers and swapped a few travel stories and made new friends which is always good Polish girls who were traveling Philippines to Indonesia. The most lovely couple Vladimir and Katerina who we spend good company with were from Czech Republic and I think I have never seen some one drink so much in my life. Vladimir was crazy and he also danced and sang and even though he spoke English, he did however confuse words like Niece and knees so the story went. This Dutch girl was telling us about her beautiful niece ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 8th 2015

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Davao February 7th 2015

Spent a few days in Davao City staying at the Sampaguita Tourist Inn, 480 peso for an AC room with CATV and wifi in the lobby. Had a guided tour of the City by a very knowledgeable friend (thanks Asean) Its a very big City, but doesnt really feel like it. Not at all crowded or overloaded by traffic, loads of green spaces, very progressive and probably the best big City we have visited. Then rode the bike to Sasa Port and caught the ferry to Samal, only cost 60 peso for the two of us and the motorbike. 20 minute crossing to Babak Port, then we rode South. Was a detour in the highway and we got completely lost on little back roads, but eventually ended up at the Fernandez Beach resort in Peniplata. Very ... read more
Very proud of thier Eagles here!
Big Orchid

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