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January 6th 2007
Published: January 6th 2007
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Funny the name of the place were were at was not listed. Anywho We arrives in a small place called Bacolod. After 7 days of sailing following a tropical storm it was quite nice to see land again. I did not have much chance to get out as I was training with my new Job. However I did manage to get out on day as some of you will aready know from my letters. This is the place were we spent Christmas and new years !!

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Merry Christmas !!Merry Christmas !!
Merry Christmas !!

During the holidays we were aloud to go around and see all the cabins, it was called open cabins. So it was a chance for all the guys to see the girls cabins and the other way around. Most people offered you drinks and cookies to welcome you to their home. Not this cabin. Instead they offerd to take you picture !! kinda cool actually
Christmas Eve!Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve!

The holidays kinda started on christmas eve with a nice dinner and party. This is a pic of a few of the guys and the director of the ship. It was one special night because all of the leadership of the ship served that rest of the ship that night !! Very nice !

During my time hiking in the mountains we saw 7 water falls. One of them was a place where we could do come cliff jumping and what not. So is a pic of me just after jumping. I tried to get a good pic of me mid air but it did not turn out so good. My room mate although had a water proof camera, so we used that to make some cool videos of us jumping ! I will have to get those to you later though !
Farming Village !Farming Village !
Farming Village !

Our time in the jungle was really cool. We ended up hiking though this remopte jungle farming village !! Really cool to see. Quite pretty , good view from the top of the mountain !! amazing !
Small church !Small church !
Small church !

This is one of the small churches that I had the chance to visit, We handed out foor packets and did a small program. One prayer night we took an offering to raise the money for these food packs. Over $1000 was raised and we were able to feed some many people !! What a blessing !
Locals swimming ~~Locals swimming ~~
Locals swimming ~~

This was a local swimming spot on the river. It was hot that day so there were lots of people there. I belive that this also is a place where people come to do their laundry !
Bats !Bats !
Bats !

The area we where in had so many bats. This is just a quick pic of all the bats that were flying around.
Group photo op !Group photo op !
Group photo op !

These are the people that we traveled with. The pastor that took us stayed at the bottom with his wife and family while the rest of us did the treck up the mountain !!
Magic anyone ?Magic anyone ?
Magic anyone ?

Well I have become knowen as the local magican. They have given me some neat ministry card, with an apication to them. So I have the chance to show some cool card tricks and give a message along with it all. If you can see I have big cards and what I am showing is the head of christ. So you can chat about anything after that !!

7th January 2007

Happy New Year
Happy New Year, Ben! Glad to see that you are having a great time. I wish you the best always. Take care and talk with you soon. Shawna

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