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Asia » Philippines » Zamboanga April 8th 2016

Dipolog City is by far the most peaceful and most organized place I’ve ever visited. It is, along with Dapitan City, one of the component cities of Zamboanga del Norte province. Security wise, it is also the safest and most secured. The whole city is also very clean, with less traffic situation and friendly and trustworthy locals. These positive description is mainly attributed to the well-organized and rigid incumbency of their City Mayor. In fact, Mayor Evelyn Uy and the city itself, has been a constant recepient of many national recognitions for public administration. It is impressive to see a public terminal as clean as Dipolog City Public Terminal. The city implements strict regulations about public sanitation. You won’t find any trash cans along the city streets, urging you to keep your trash by yourself. Spitting, ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Zamboanga April 8th 2016

Like Dipolog City, Dapitan City is also the most tranquil city I’ve ever seen. It is also the least traffic city I’ve ever visited. The city gives you an impression of a peaceful province rather than a city or town. Walking around gives you a very relaxed feeling. Dapitan is a coastal city with a noticeably smaller population. The city is surrounded by numerous mountains and the sea giving it a very serene and peaceful environment. Dapitan City is well-known as the exile home of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero. During my travel in Dapitan, our client recommended a visit to Rizal residence. So I took a quick visit there shortly after finishing my work. I was really impressed by the city’s effort in preserving this historical place in Dapitan. Known to the locals ... read more
Port of Dapitan

Asia » Philippines » Zamboanga April 27th 2013

It was a tiring week. . . a working week. . . a fruitful week . . . a HAPPY WEEK. My friend and I left Manila to facilitate a three day seminar cum workshop for teachers in Siocon, Zamboanga Del Norte sponsored by the TVI Phils Inc. There were more or less 40 participants in our seminar and those three days were filled with fun, laughter and exciting activities.Every activity, every lecture and discussion were dynamic and participatory. Almost all of the teachers were thankful after the seminar. Then right after the closing program, my friend J.M.O. toured us to their mining site. There, I learned that there are two types of mining. The one that is more popular, is called the underground mining. The other one is what they call as the OPEN PIT ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Zamboanga February 25th 2013

If I have to start a blog about places in the Philippines, it would definitely be my birth place - Dipolog City.... read more

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