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Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay April 18th 2017

Samedi 15 avril (Toujours à Manille ) Au réveil, j'embarque dans un Uber qui me laissera à un semblant de station de bus coincée sous un viaduc sale, chaotique et grouillant de vie... (bon, à part cet itinérant blessé peut-être, qui dort en lambeaux ( mais dors-t-il vraiment?)). Je ne sais pas comment juger le traffic pour l'instant. Ça semble calme. Mais Manille tranquille est certainement pire qu'un Montréal à l'heure de pointe. Présentement, les 107 millions de philippins bougent à travers le Pays pour la fin de la semaine sainte. J'apparait dans un bus qu'on m'a pointé à la station. "Tagaytay?" que j'ai demandé (on dit Ta-gaille-taille) "There" qu'un chauffeur asocial m'a montré sans lever la tête. Alors je suis donc là, dans les marches d'un bus complet qui m'observe. J'attend un signe du contrôleur ... read more
Lac Taal

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay February 4th 2017

The excitement in the office on my second week of work was due to a fire. A large fire broke out at a manufacturing company right near Schneider in Cavite. On our way to work on Wednesday, there was more traffic than usual once we reached Cavite. We also heard sirens everywhere as emergency vehicles flew by us. We soon learned of the fire. Schneider, along with a lot of other manufacturing companies in Cavite, is located within a gated area. Each day we pass through Gate 3 to go to work. And each day on our way home from work, we pass through Gate 3 and they open the door of the van to make sure we aren't smuggling anything out. Well, on Wednesday of this week, Gate 3 was closed on our way to ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay January 9th 2014

There's a place in this world called Volcano Island. That makes me smile. I can only assume many super villains have set up shop there... Better go check it out while we're here, right? Off we go to Tagaytay! It turns out, the night bus to Manila really was as cold as we were told it would be, and we were glad we layered up. Long pants, hoodies, and jackets were barely kept us warm enough to sleep. But we did manage to sleep some on the bus, aided by the fact that we had gotten up at 6 am that morning. It was also much easier to sleep after they finally turned off the movies, none of which were any good. We were pretty groggy when we pulled into the bus terminal in Manila at ... read more
Getting Set to Leave Shore
On Our Way to Volcano Island!
Volcano Island!

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay November 29th 2013

Taal Volcano hiking is exciting. It hurts my knees going up there but once I reached the summit, wow, all the tiredness have gone. The magnificent caldera view washed away all the sweat, dust and tiredness when I saw it! A different feelings compared to just seeing it from the pictures. This is a must see in my country, Philippines. After hiking, we just ate "pansit" then headed right away to Puzzle Mansion. It holds the Guinness World Records for the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzle by Georgina Gil-Lacuna from the Philippines. Inside the gallery, I was amazed how much patience did she put in every puzzle she made. We then headed to Sky Ranch to somehow catch up the sunset view while on the Sky Eye but all we had was night view of Tagaytay, ... read more
Taal Volcano Hiking (6)
Taal Volcano Hiking (1)
Taal Volcano Hiking (25)

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay November 3rd 2010

Halloween is a national holiday in the Philippines so my family decided to visit our summer home in Tagaytay city since its a long weekend. Tagaytay is about an hour and a half from Manila. Those who can afford a vacation house would usually buy here because of the cool weather. At least the weather used to be cool, now not so much but its still cooler and a lot less polluted than Manila. The weather wasn't good when we got there. It rained most of the time so we just stayed at home. Cooking, eating, sleeping. The wind was howling it's as if there was a storm. It was foggy and at times we couldn't see the neighbors. T'was kinda like a scene from a scary movie. I imagine it would have been awesome to ... read more
my family's summer home
it kinda looks like cambodia
the gazebo thing

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay December 11th 2009

Tagatay was our next destination and an easy transition from Baguio - Manila and then Manila - Tagatay. It was the usual ordeal of not having any idea where we needed to get dropped off when asked by the bus conductor so we got dumped in the plaza and wandered around looking a bit lost until some kind local helped us find our way! For the first time ever we purchased a local country SIM card and were really glad we had on this occasion as the accommodation in Tagatay is spread out along the supervolcano wall in a long line covering about 8km. With our handy phone (the wonders of modern technology!) we were able to call the guesthouse we'd selected to see if they had any rooms before we jumped in a never-ending tricycle ... read more
Pretty cow
Volcano in lake
Jeepney town

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay December 8th 2009

The previous evening I met some new backpackers at the hostel. Dave and Kelly were an English couple that were coming from China and ultimately bound to end up in Australia on working visas. Simon was a fellow Canadian, originally from Halifax but has been living in Ireland for the past few years. We were all close in age. They asked me if I wanted to travel with them to see an underwater volcano in Tagaytay, which was somewhere south of Metro Manila area. Billy wasn't interested in going but I instantly accepted the invitation and the following morning we were off. At first we took the LRT (Light Rail Transit) for a bunch of stations, then realizing we were lost, took a tricycle to the bus station. Simon and myself rode in one and had ... read more
Volcanic Lake
Celebrating at the Top!

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay June 12th 2009

These photos were taken last October 27, 2007. I went to Tagaytay with my bf, my cousin and my uncle & auntie. We left Las Piñas for Tagaytay at 10 but didn't arrive 'til 2 hours later. We didn't realize it was a long weekend & the traffic was really bad. Needless to say, we were starving by the time we arrived so my Uncle took us straight to a restaurant called, Leslie's. It is well located along the main road and has excellent views of Taal Lake & Taal Volcano. The food itself was your typical Filipino fare. We ordered bulalo, pinakbet, sisig, roast pork, calamari, kare kare and of course, rice. I had Ube shake & fresh coconut for drinks. Let me tell you it is the best ube shake I've ever tasted. Eversince ... read more
Band serenading the guests
The sign at the front
The view from the restaurant

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay February 13th 2009

It took this long for me to think of blogging about one of my favorite places in my own country. Perhaps because I visit it too often, or I took its beauty so much for granted. Tagaytay holds many happy childhood memories for me and my family. Both my parents are from Cavite where Tagaytay is. And many weekends were spent here, in a neighboring town called Silang, Cavite where my grandmother used to live, long before it became a favorite tourist destination. From Manila, it would take about an hour and a half traveling south for 60 km to reach Tagaytay to view the "volcano island" inside a lake called Taal Lake, or Lake Taal. Childhood Memories As a child, my ears got so used to many old folks' stories about Taal Volcano where one ... read more
Hammock in Retreat House
Tagaytay Blooms
Entrance to Moon Garden

Asia » Philippines » Tagaytay December 10th 2008

12/3 Taal Volcanoe & Hacienda Isabella Still monitoring the situation in Thailand. Looks like we may have to skip that trip due to the unrest in the area. Sometimes you can't plan for certain circumstances on a trip... rain delays, flight cancellations, coup d'etats. Ya know, the usual. Anyways, a little later start today Tara and I hit the road with Izzy and Cesca to Tagaytay where we plan on hiking up Taal Volcanoe. The two hour drive down south of Manila was rather quick. Soon we are gretted by tons of boat guides looking for business since the volcanoe is only accessible by bancas. It doesn't take long to realize that the price goes way up with whitey in the car. So the girls decide to hide me with some sweaters and pillows in ... read more

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