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Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake February 13th 2016

General Info: Currency: Philippine Peso Cost of living: 500ml bottle of water 25P, 1kg of bananas 70P, Regular size PizzaHut 250-300P Almost all day flight to Manila airport, then horrible 3h ride in traffic jam on the bus. Finally we reached the hotel late evening and decided with two other girls to arrange our trip for next day. After lovely dinner in Chineese restaurant I went back to my room to rest before upcoming long day. Next day 6am pick up from the hotel, I was waiting there for my fellows in front of the hotel, chating with hotel employees. I couldn't resist the impression one of them was the lookalike of Barack Obama, just take a look at the photo below ;) When we gathered together and hit the road, after over 2h car ride ... read more
Taal Crater Lake
Taal Crater Lake
On boat on Taal Crater Lake

Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake May 1st 2012

Taal Volcano is a complex volcanic system, and it is composed of a small volcanic island, located in Lake Caldera or as many called it also Taal Lake, and the story was the lake was actually the krater of the first Volcano, it is exploded in the 15th Century and after that the rain pours in the krater that build the lake, and now a new Volcano is rising up in the lake. It is very easy to go to Taal Volcano, from Manila to Batangas ( Talisay ),or Manila to Tagaytay. There are a lot of Travel Agencies who offers Taal volcano Tours in Manila, but it is acctually very easy to get there, if you dont wanna rent a Car with a driver, you can take the Public Transportation, There's a lot of Busses ... read more
Smoke on the Krater
Horse Back Riding

Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake September 23rd 2010

One day in Manila was enough pollution and congestion on the roads to make us feel sick so we headed out of the city bright and early to a small town called Taygaytay. We took a minibus there for 3$ each and in a van where you would expect to fit 8-10 people, they squeezed 18 people in, plus the driver! It was not the most comfortable 2 hr drive, but it got us there in good time. From Taygaytay we took a tricyle (motorbike with a side car attached for passengers) 30 minutes through some scenic countryside roads to Talisay, the main port for boats to Taal Volcano, our destination for the day. As with anything in SEAsia our tricycle driver had “a friend” who would give us the “best price” for a boat trip ... read more
What we initially thought was the volcano
Our boat!
The bad weather is coming in!

Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake October 8th 2009

(Day 552 on the road)Here is something I learned during the last year and a half of travelling in Southeast Asia: Whenever somebody claims to give you the "cheapest room in town" or a similar sounding offer, rest assured that there are much better deals to be had. This proved true once again when I shunned the guy who made just such a claim as I was looking for a place to crash in the unremarkable town of Talisay at the edge of Lake Taal. Just ten minutes later I found a much better deal, in terms of price, location and quality. To reach Talisay, I took a combination of van, plane, jeepney, bus, jeepney and hitchhiking in a private car. Of that journey, the 47 kilometre bus ride (from Manila to a town called Tagatay) ... read more
Local woman riding up the path to the volcano
Ugly Talisay main road
School dance and singing before classes start

Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake April 2nd 2008

Actually it wasn't THAT bizarre. But I did try some new foods for me! Most of this post will be about my lunch at Josephines, overlooking the beautiful Taal lake and volcano. But first let me say the best mangos in the world are from the Philippines! The food here is really great, and even the cafeteria has tasty food. I admit that I like Asian food more than American food on any day of the week. That said, I have been trying not to eat too much because if I gain weight, it takes me a lot to work it off - and I've had no time or energy to work out when I get home from work. My co-workers here were generous enough to take me out today to lunch. After my second training ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake December 9th 2007

My parents' Bobby and Neiza Navarrete's 31st Anniversary Celebration in Tagaytay. After leaving Manila in the morning, we all had lunch at The Boutique for their famous Hawaiian baby back ribs. After a leisurely lunch, we proceeded to Talisay to rent a boat for Taal Lake. It was really great because all of us could make it, Mama, Papa, and my brothers Tristan, Carlo and Robbu. ... read more
Hawaiian ribs
In the Taal Lake
the horses

Asia » Philippines » Taal Lake February 26th 2007

Five women and a lad out to conquer a volcano….ok….a little far-fetch. We’re just out for a little bit of adventure, and that is, to ride a horse up to Taal Volcano and enjoy a spectacular view. As soon as we arrived in Tagaytay, a group of men lined on the side of the road are flagging us for a boat ride to Taal. We drove at the end of the line and asked for the cost. We managed to haggle a boat ride to Taal Island for about AU$40. The flaggers escorted us to a resort’s dock and caught one of their outrigger boats or banca. The trip to Taal was choppy. The waves got really rough. Our boatman gave us tarpaulins to protect ourselves from splashes. Mix of emotions flooded my senses. I found ... read more
Taal Island
On the way to Taal Island
We're here !

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