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Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 28th 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to our eighth and final part of the Philippine Blogs! You can read the other parts by clicking the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Our final day on Siargao was a relaxing affair. We wanted to go to the Sohoton Cav... read more
Check-In Desk
Alodia Gosiengfiao

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 27th 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to Part 7 of the Philippine Blogs! You can read the other parts by clicking the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 We decided to make the most of the day after our sloth-like experiences the day before but the early morning start was difficult. We groggily made our way down for some pancakes for breakfast and ... read more
Shat's Guesthouse

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 26th 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to Part 6 of the Philippine Blogs! You can read the other parts by clicking the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 We got a lift in the morning down to General Luna and stopped at the market to buy some food for our lunch. We bought some pork chops, some small fishes and a swordfish along with some soy sauce, vinegar, onions and tomatoes. We were going island hopping so we hopped onto our little boat and ou... read more
Daca Island 5
Daca Island 3
General Luna

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 25th 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to Part 5 of the Philippine Blogs! You can read the other parts by clicking the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Although we were having an early start, we didn’t feel tired. Laura had pancakes and a fresh banana milkshake and I attempted The All American Breakfast. This included a hamburger and I certainly felt morbidly obese after finishing it. We decided to hire a motorbike of the day. Our conversation with the owner went something like this: Me: Can we hire a motorbike? Andrew: Sure. Me:... read more
Patrick's On The Beach

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 24th 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to Part 4 of the Philippine Blogs! You can read the other parts by clicking the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 We awoke to a torrential downpour of rain outside. We braved the weather and went down to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. Laura got a plate of French toast. It’s basically normal toast but with a beret on top of it. I ordered the English breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised. Bacon – check. Fried eggs – check. Toast – check. German sausage – Debateable. Mango – what? I bought a cup of tea to wash it down with too. Feeling quite intercontinental, we decided to spend ... read more
Cloud 9

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 23rd 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to Part 3 of the Philippine Blogs! You can read parts one and two by clicking the links below: Part 1 Part 2 We thought the best thing to start the holiday was to see what all the fuss was about with Cloud 9. It didn’t take us long to see why it was world-renowned. The barrels formed perfectly as the locals tackled the 8 foot waves crashing down before them. It was a truly awesome scene and it took some truly awesome skill to try and attempt riding them. My brain was struggling with the juxtaposition between the site before me and my first harrowing surfing experience which was in Hull. The ‘waves’ were barely a ripple. It was as though a fat man had done a running bomb ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 22nd 2011

Dear Blog Readers, Welcome to The Philippines Diary Part 2. Check out Part 1 here. We went down for our free buffet breakfast at the Bellavista. We spent most of the breakfast trying to judge who was Cesario and who was Bellavista from the clientèle. Some were blatant when they bring out their brand new iPads at the breakfast table. The buffet was fantastic. Fresh orange juice, bacon, eggs, toast, marmalade and fish. We got the airport in plenty of time. The rain had held off so the flight to Siargao was still going ahead. We were slightly surprised when we got to check-in. The steward says, "Ok, we just need to check your weight." I assumed he meant he wanted to check the weight of my carry on luggage so I placed my rucksack on ... read more
Weighing In
Arrivals Lounge

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao March 2nd 2011

When you say the name SIARGAO, the first thing that will come up from your mind is a place called “The Surfer’s Ultimate Paradise”. This is the place where you will find the highest measured waves in the Philippines and it has been included in the surfer’s World map where numerous foreign surfers from all over the world are visiting SIARGAO to experience the Elegant Gigantic waves… From Surigao City, I rode an express Sea vessel called Britphil for only 180 Philippine Pesos where the travel time to SIARGAO is only 2 hours. When I arrived at SIARGAO, I went right away to the World famous Surfing site called CLOUD 9 located at General Luna SIARGAO and I was readily amazed when I saw my First Colossal Wave, it was a 15 foot high wave ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller in Pilar Beach Siargao
Happy Loner Traveller in Pansukian Boardwalk Siargao
Happy Loner Traveller in Naked Island Siargao

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao July 30th 2009

Our day started off well in Cebu city with our Maccie D’s breakfast and hot chocolate - we have thoroughly learnt our lesson about drinking coffee on travel days - it makes us need the toilet constantly!! It then turned a little bit hectic as we scrambled to find a taxi to take us to the airport who would actually turn on the metre and then when we were at the airport none of the cash machines were working for us to get a bit of ‘safety money’ out! After a mad dash and looking hot, bothered and slightly sweaty we managed to check in for our flight and had the undignified honour of being weighed along with our hand luggage so they could put the right amount of fuel on the propeller plane! Our destination ... read more
road to the 'village'
Beach at General Luna
in the trike on the way from the airport

Asia » Philippines » Surigao » Siargao April 24th 2009

Es ist schon wieder einige Zeit vergangen, seit ich das letzte Mal geschrieben habe. Aber im Moment bin ich gerade im Paradies, und da hat man nicht so Lust, den Blog zu aktualisieren. Und damit dieser Eintrag jetzt nicht etliche Seiten lang wird, die letzte Zeit in Kürze beschrieben: Seit ich den Norden von Laos verlassen habe, habe ich natürlich schon wieder einiges erlebt. Der Süden von Laos hat mir auch besser gefallen als der Norden und deswegen bin ich nun doch happy, dass ich noch eine Weile dort geblieben bin. Nach einigen extrem gemütlichen Tagen in Vientiane, wo es mir sehr gut gefallen hat, habe ich mir ein Ticket für den Nachtbus nach Pakse gekauft. Vor der Abfahrt habe ich noch Julia aus Deutschland kennengelernt. Wir haben uns sofort gut verstanden und sie hat mir ... read more
Old car in Vientiane
Hophrakeo Temple, Vientiane
Hophrakeo Temple, Vientiane

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