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Asia » Philippines » Sagada December 19th 2018

Our shortest travel day, it only took 2 hours to drive the 60km of hill bends to Sagada. On the way Alfredo asked if we wanted to go to Bontoc Museum. We didn’t know what was there but said yes anyway. It turned out to be a cool little museum about local culture including old photos of head hunters and burial rights. Bizarrely it also turned out to be in a school yard. We parked in the middle as the children were lined up doing singing practice of Christmas carols. We arrived at our homestay in Sagada in the late afternoon. A big wooden house on 2 levels a couple of kilometres out of town, it was lovely and quiet and the family very friendly. With sunset being early we wanted to head out for a ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Sagada April 20th 2016

Absolutely amazing! From sites to food. We had taken an overnight bus from Manila, switched over in Baguio and took another bus onward to Sagada. A rather long, winding road. Our bus driver drove hectic and fast. Some points I imagined our bus going off the cliff and us rolling around till we met our smashed demise. Needless to say, the road scared me. Straight 200 feet drop offs with no gaurd rail to assist, just in case. When the bus was going up some steep hills the driver would down shift, however it wasn't the best. He would get it into gear right before the bus was about to roll backwards. But hey, we arrived in 1 piece. So props to him! We arrived later in the afternoon at the town's centre. Here is where ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Sagada April 18th 2016

WEEK 3 : Manila – Sagada (18-24 Avril) Déjà ma troisième semaine aux Philippines… Ça y est, je commence à vraiment prendre mes marques et avoir une petite routine. Toutefois, celle-ci a été perturbée par des problèmes de portable. Déjà en France ce n'est pas la joie mais à l'étranger c'est carrément le cauchemar. Mon cher compagnon électronique ne voulant plus s'allumer, il m'a fallu me rendre dans un mall, au service client Samsung. Là, deux heures d'attente pour finalement m'entendre dire que Samsung Philippines n'a pas signé l'accord mondial pour la garantie internationale… En gros, malgré ma garantie, je vais devoir payer les frais de réparation… Super… Heureusement, après quelques manips, mon portable remarche par miracle… Je précise qu'auparavant j'avais été dans une boutique Samsung et que le vendeur, malgré ses multiples tentatives n'... read more
Photo de groupe Banaue
Tissage traditionnel
Photo de groupe

Asia » Philippines » Sagada April 1st 2015

Leaving for Sagada the following morning was confusing to say the least. Were we going via Jeepney or private bus? Should we take the cheaper Jeepney option or join the others in hiring a private minivan which costs more? Were we going to opt for the day trip, an overnight stay or a couple of nights? After hearing bus services had been stopped in Banaue on Good Friday, we did not know if there would be any bus services on that Friday in Sagada and our flight leaves Manila for Cebu on Saturday so we eventually agreed just to stay the one night in Sagada. To be honest, we were not fussed about the jeepney but as others in our newly found group had limited time in Sagada and could only do a day trip, their ... read more
The famous hanging coffins of Sagada
Coffins in the mouth of the cave

Asia » Philippines » Sagada January 3rd 2014

We'd put off our trip to Sagada until after New Year's, given that we had heard that the place really fills up between Christmas and New Year's day. But we'd felt like we'd waited long enough, and even though it was only just New Year's Day, we decided to roll the dice and head up the mountain to Sagada. For the first time on our trip, things were actually closed. It was New Year's Day after all, but we strangely had no trouble at all on Christmas Day. We had moved from San Juan to Vigan by bus and jeepney without an issue, but here on New Year's day we were having some trouble. There weren't any buses or jeepney's operating in Bontoc. But, as Sebastien has said repeatedly in our time together, “There's always a ... read more
The Valley Through Town
Cool Geology
Cool House

Asia » Philippines » Sagada April 16th 2013

After hiking through the amazing rice terraces of Banaue and Batad for a couple of days we jumped on a van heading into the mountains towards the small tranquil town of Sagada. A quick change into a jeepney and some very windy and steep roads later, we arrived and immediately loved the place. Equivalent to Pai in Thailand it is the ‘backpacker’ town of the Philippines, although we didn’t see too many other Westerners here. It had a very chilled out vibe to it and the surrounding mountainous scenery was really picturesque. We soon found a room and headed out for lunch at the renowned Yoghurt House, which we had heard so much about. This place is amazing! It served a mix of delicious home-made local and western food as well as fresh yoghurt, and for ... read more
Strange rock formations
Tight squeeze!
Sagada coffins at the entrance to the cave

Asia » Philippines » Sagada April 11th 2013

So I left Banaue somewhat unsure about my decision not to check out Batad. After all, it'd been touted by LP as the place for the most spectacular view of the Ifugao rice terraces. But for some reason or another I didn't feel like making the trek there. And so after just one night in Banaue, I made a U-turn back in the direction of Bontoc, towards my next destination Sagada. It didn't help that on the minivan ride there, I sat next to Ch'en, an Israeli female solo traveller who'd just returned from Batad, and regaled how amazing the view was. Oh well, maybe next time! In any case I took the opportunity to brush up on my Arab-Israeli conflict knowledge with Ch'en. I know, not the most light-hearted of conversational topics for a winding ... read more
Sagada Rice Terraces
Lumiang Cave
Sagada Cemetery

Asia » Philippines » Sagada January 13th 2013

Po skorom zaspati a neutichajucom karaoke som sa zobudil uz o 3/45. Zaspal som ale len na hodinku,budicek kvoli zime,opat nasadenie ponoziek a mikiny,spanok do 7/30. Ako som sa chystal na turu do echo valley dosla recepcna a dala mi dalsi kluc od vchodu. Su tu dva vchody jeden cez recepciu,ta je zavreta,a dalsi cca 15m od restiky,ten zamykaju o 23/00,no vtedy ja uz davno spim. V pekarni som zas testoval dalsie vyrobky. Fajnovy kolaci ale ten som si nechal az na turu i ked ma furt lakal. V mojej restike oproti pekarne,dnu su len 4 stoly,nemali tuniakovy sandvic. Skoncil som teda u cheesburgeru. Tetula mi este doniesla vodu ale tu som preventivne nepil. Inak ovozel trh co bol vcera v centre mesta dnes uz neni,byva zrejme len v sobotu. Konecne svieti slnko. Moja cesta k ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Sagada January 12th 2013

Rano v pohode vstanie uz o 7/30. Vonku dazd. Podla predpovede mal skoncit okolo obeda. Siel som sa teda oholit. Zrkadlo nikde a tocka nesla otocit,chvalabohu zachod uz splachoval,vcera nie. Dole v resitke/lobby som poposielal maily,doslo mi aj prve narodeninove zelanie z ciny,ostatne ocakavam neskor,bo casovy posun. CS v legazpi zrejme nebude, chalan furt splieta,ze mi najde hotel a potom pojde so mnou na sopku a to som mu jasne uz 2x napisal,ze zhanam hlavne ubytko zdarma a nie ziadneho plateneho guideho. Dalsia baba sa chce len stretnut. Z puerta princesa mi zas dalsi poslal ponuku na 30.minutovu masaz zdarma a potom mi spravy daku prednasku o vyzive ci co. Som zvedavy na toho u ktoreho budem spat,ma strasne moc pozitivnych referencii a vyzera to,ze hostuje vo velkom. Zbezne som kukol CS aj v Indii,je tam ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Sagada January 11th 2013

Podla planu som vyrazil 7/00, zbytocne skoro ale to som zistil az neskor. Ucet v ubytku mi zle spocitali,doplnili mi jedlo co som ani nemal vobec objednane a pivo bolo nenormalne drahe oproti pivu co som si dal dole v dedine. Po oprave uctu som vycaloval 470p. Skoda,ze som neposluchol filipinov co mi radili aby som sa siel ubytovat k Ramosovy,tam bolo pivo za 50p a aj jedlo tam bolo lacnejsie a hostitelia mi pripadali prijemnejsi ako tu. Cakalo ma opat slapanie dosuper kopca,slapal som nakonec hodinu. Pocas slapania som robil fotozastavky a dal si vydatne ranajky,snickers. Cestou som obehol dost staru aziatku,som bol normlane v soku ako to mohla vyslapat. V sadle som cakal 2 hodiny na jeepney,mal ist o 9/00 ale cakal kym sa naplni,takze vyrazil az o 10/00. Z vrcholu bol super vyhlad ... read more

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