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Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Lucban May 18th 2016

WEEK 6 : Manila – Pahyas Festival (Lucban) Bali c’est fini et il faut se remettre au travail : dur dur. J’avoue que j’ai un peu de mal à me mettre dans l’optique du mémoire et du rapport de stage alors qu’il y a tant de choses à découvrir et à faire ici. Par exemple cette semaine, je suis allée au marché, à la piscine (le matin s’il vous plait), au mall près de chez moi et en ai profité pour manger coréen, j’ai discuté avec plein de nouvelles personnes (le garde de l’université, les voisins…), j’ai cuisiné de la fleur de banane dans du lait de coco (un délice) et j’ai assisté à des matchs de basketball en plein air. Comme ici c’est l’été et que les Philippins sont des fans de ce sport, le ... read more
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Eglise de Tabayas

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Mauban March 24th 2015

My aunt and uncle chose to celebrate their birthday here at Butas butas. And I'm sooo lucky because it's my first time to be here at this cave. I'm from QC and I'm just on a vacation here in Quezon Province. I love travelling with my family. I love nature, beautiful sceneries, every God's artwork ❤ But the bad thing is, i forgot to bring my camera. So we just use our mobile phones for taking pics. We rent the boat of my family's friend and they accompanied us to the cave. We brought lots of food and the guitar also.. It's my first time to ride a boat btw. and it takes 2 hours before you reach the cave. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery while we were on our trip. The mountains, the powerplant, the ... read more
The powerplant.
This photo was taken while we were on the boat. That's the cave!
The rocks ❤

Asia » Philippines » Quezon August 7th 2014

Hoihoi iedereen, Dit zal de voorlaatste blogpost zijn! Zo snel alweer. Vorige week nog wat leuke dingen gedaan buiten het werken: We zijn naar een ijskraam geweest waar ze ijs hadden gemaakt met liquid nitrogen. Ook hadden we ijsstokjes die we in de nitrogen staken en dan al rokend opeten. Voor wie het niet kent, het is levensgevaarlijk spul maar supercool en mooi om te zien (zie foto). Alles wat het aanraakt bevriest! In Nederland is het daarom verboden. Hier niet :) Ik ben ook bij de opening geweest van het grootste Filipijnse filmfestival samen met mijn Filipijnse vriendinnen. De openingsfilm was heel mooi: Documented van Jose Vargas. Vrijdag hebben we nog met de kinderen gewerkt bij Young Focus, de ngo waarvan de baas Nederlander is. We hebben jongleerworkshops gegeven wat uiteraard een succes was hehe ... read more
Ons strandhutje!!
Strand en vrienden :D
Richard en ik met Antony en die kleine lachende basketbalpro

Asia » Philippines » Quezon »  Polillo September 28th 2013

It's been my 12th trip out to Polillio Island. I usually vist Barangays Mabini and Carlagan. My main purpose of travelling to these places is to search for new surfing destinations. On my last two visits to the Islands, I made the effort to go the extra distance and visit Jomalig Island. All I can say, it is a must see for anyone that likes pradise. Now not all of you have the same purpose as me for exploring remote parts of different countries. If you do, you will love Carlagan and Mabini. Carlagan has a serious left hand reef break that reels down for about 100 mtrs and Mabini Has a righthander with two sections. The outside section has a solid powerful tube that breaks over shallow reef, while the inside section has a fun ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Quezon June 27th 2013

Are you looking for unspoiled and breathtaking scenery within a few hours reach of Manila? Then the Sierra Madre Road or Marilaque Highway (Markina Rizal Laguna Quezon) from to Real, Quezon will be a great destination for you. The Marikina-Infanta Highway is a scenic route ideal for mountain bikers, runners, avid tourists and motor bikers. You will really enjoy the breath taking view of mountain ranges and the cold weather of ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Lucban May 15th 2013

Houses are adorned with multicolored leaf-shaped rice wafers and every conceivable vegetable found in the residents’ kitchens. At almost every door, vendors are selling habhab, stir-fried noodles served on banana leaves and supposed to be eaten without any utensils or hands. And at the town church where throngs of crowd flock for the day’s mass, Naomi emerges with her friend Mark to join me and CJ in exploring the streets. It’s the Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, and the sleepy town in Quezon about a five-hour drive south of Manila has turned raucously merry. “You don’t see this in Manila,” says Naomi, a former student of mine and a resident in a nearby town. One of the more popular festivals in the Philippines, the Pahiyas is held every 15th of May in honor of Saint Isidore the ... read more
Pancit Habhab
Grand Parade
Lucban Longganisa

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Lucban April 24th 2013

I got the text message an hour too late. My group was leaving the following day and I was already on the bus to Lucban. But it turned out to be a blessing because I got to sleep that night unlike them who left at 1AM. I travelled for five hours to get to Lucban. The streets were narrow and the traffic was slow. I did eventually get there and I was picked up at 7/11 by Kenneth. A church mate/school mate whom I havent seen since 2002. 11 long years. He's a professional artist so I did expect it to be awkward not just because I havent seen him in 11 years. But because He is socially awkward like most artists that I know. He is cool though. I love artistic people. He paints, sings, ... read more
Me painting

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Mauban » Cagbalete December 1st 2012

Those kids were effortlessly swimming along the few boats anchored near the coast; the clear blue sea was calm and inviting. The young ones swarmed towards us as we sailed nearer to the shore. There was really no proper port so we were relayed to a smaller boat without an outrigger to be transported to the dry land. Residential houses lined just a few meters away which didn’t look very appealing to me. Not that they made the coast look messy but I really like my privacy, I don’t want to be swimming on view of a residential village. A tourism officer met us eager to know our whereabouts, perhaps we were looking lost. She was too persistent I actually thought we’ll get ripped off in the end, but I was wrong. Enthusiastically she offered to ... read more
Cagbalete Island
Cagbalete Island
low tide at Villa Cleofas Resort

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Lucban May 25th 2012

Lucban celebrates the Pahiyas Festival every 15 May in honour of the patron saint of farmers, St Isidore the Labourer. This festival showcases a street of houses which are adorned with fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, handicrafts andkiping, a rice-made decoration, which afterwards can be eaten grilled or fried. The houses are judged and the best one is proclaimed the winner. Every year, tourists roam the municipality to witness the decoration of houses... read more

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Dolores February 25th 2012

Mount cristobal. Ang bundok na may karugtong na caption, “the devils mountain”. Madalas natin sya mapanuod sa tv. Maraming beses narin nagpabalik balik ang media sa bundok na to. Anu nga ba ang meron? Mumu. Madaming mumu. Yan ang impression na binigay ng media sa kanilang mga shows. Ganyan din naman ang mga kwentong naririnig mo sa mga kaibigan, tropa, tatay, tito, kuya, ate, nanay, kapitbahay, kainuman, at kahit na sino pa. Pero laging kalakip ang word na “SABI NILA”. Ano nga ba ang meron dito? Anong hiwaga ang taglay ng kinatatakutang Mount Cristobal. Paghahanda. Nung sineset palang ang pag akyat sa bundok na to madaming gusto umakyat. Siguro di pa nila alam ang mga rumors dito. O baka di nila napanuod ung palabas na un sa channel seven. Ewan ko lang pag napanuod mo. O ... read more
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