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Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Baler April 15th 2009

I had a grand vacation at Baler, Quezon last week, together with my family members. Baler was one of the places occupied by the Spaniards during the period Spain conquered the Philippines. In Baler, you will find the old Baler church which was used by the spaniards as fortress against filipino guerillas sometime in 1898 - 1899. You will also find virgin waterfalls and the beaches fronting the pacific ocean is ideal for surfing. ... read more
fronting the beach
water spa at the falls
oldest Balete tree in Asia is found in Baler

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Baler January 25th 2006

I spent the last few days in the town of Baler. Baler was made "famous" in Apocalypse Now. It was about this beach that Robert Duval decreed that "Charlie don't surf" Though not sure the fame really took off. You have to really want to get to this town. Its an 8 hour bus ride from Manila of which the last 4-5 hours is over a 1 lane dirt/gravel road through the mountains. Most Filipinos don't even know where or what the town is. But its beautiful. Its a small fishing/farming town with the mountains coming almost right up to the beach. Its also very secluded. I think there were only about 5 tourists in the whole place and one guy was there for 4 months studying rats for his PHD. I went there to learn ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Quezon » Baler April 2nd 2004

Found these pics of my first and only trip to Baler, Aurora in 2004. It was a packaged trip so I don't remember much of the details except that I was puking almost all the way down Manila haha :) Mind you, it's about a 5-6 hour land trip to Baler, with the last 3 hours zigzagging all the way up to Aurora! The roads were so bad, travel is limited or oftentimes cancelled during rainy season because of landslides. There is only one bus company that services the route -- Genesis travel -- their buses have special tires for the unpaved road and the drivers specially-trained to handle the zigzag. So anyway, the travel organizers said they never had a trip when someone didn't puke because of the zigzags, especially going home (so I'm not ... read more
Baler 2004
Baler 2004
Baler 2004

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