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April 2nd 2004
Published: August 7th 2006
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Found these pics of my first and only trip to Baler, Aurora in 2004. It was a packaged trip so I don't remember much of the details except that I was puking almost all the way down Manila haha 😊 Mind you, it's about a 5-6 hour land trip to Baler, with the last 3 hours zigzagging all the way up to Aurora! The roads were so bad, travel is limited or oftentimes cancelled during rainy season because of landslides. There is only one bus company that services the route -- Genesis travel -- their buses have special tires for the unpaved road and the drivers specially-trained to handle the zigzag. So anyway, the travel organizers said they never had a trip when someone didn't puke because of the zigzags, especially going home (so I'm not so bad really... in fact, there was a mother and daughter team puking with me all the way down!)

Anyway, when we got there, the most popular resort along the beach, Bay's Inn, was fully-booked so we landed in this so-so resort across the road from the beach. Food sucked. The beach itself was rough even during the supposedly calm season of April, one of the guys on our tour almost drowned. It IS a surfer's beach after all. The sand was very fine, almost like Boracay's, but it's black. It was so fine, in fact, that my swimsuit got ruined after that trip because the fine particles wouldn't wash off.

We had some of our meals at Bay's Inn which is highly-recommended (food was superb!) and mostly, we would hang out in their resto to watch the surfers. Baler then just formed its own surfing team and was starting to compete locally so at any given day, you would see kids half my size surfing the waves with their hand-me-down surfboards (from American tourists who introduced surfing to the locals).

We went to a couple of beaches, Baler's highest point, a falls and then just went around the quiet town where, up until then, market day would be during Sundays at the town plaza across the church.

Baler's beaches are dramatic, albeit untouched, so modern conveniences are a trade-off. So I'm glad to have gone even if it was the first and only time I went to the beach and never even managed a dip!

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Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

low tide at one of the other beaches
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

low tide
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

at low tide, you can actually go all the way to that small limestone outcropping
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

the town's highest point -- there is a commemorative cross here as thanksgiving to when a tsunami struck and this was the only place left unburied
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

can't quite capture it here but this is the world's largest balete tree - there are CAVES inside (creepy)
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

duh, i don't know what i'm trying to capture here but i wanted a pic of the balete
baler 2004baler 2004
baler 2004

Kaunayan Falls - I never got to see the falls, was too lazy to go upstream
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

the rocks were too damned slippery
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

sunset at Sabang beach
Baler 2004Baler 2004
Baler 2004

Bay's Inn

8th November 2007

himpoh ate cheche..
when i saw your pic tto the baler its so beautiful.. gusto ko din magpunta.. pro base on your experienced poh mukang mhirap tlaga.. hahaha.. actually poh.. my ktxt me n taga dingalan.. napunta din cya sa baler.. haha.. ingats poh..
29th January 2008

are u a filipina??
are u a filipina??? i am half filipina and half british! i am proud of it! i haven't been to the philippines for 9 years! t.c always! god bless ur family! ~xoxo~ bianca
30th January 2008

Hi Bianca! Yes, I'm Filipina! :)
13th February 2008

very nice pictures
I am here in Sydney and looking at those photos oh my gosh...I miss my hometown...I wanna go home (sigh).Missing my hotsy totsy moments there when I was in grade school and building my castle in the sand....Good job....thanks for posting those photos.I remember eating in a small kubo beside bays inn restaurant.
24th March 2008

contact numbers?
hello! Would you happen to know the contact number of bay's inn? Thanks
24th March 2008

A quick surf reveals this: Bay's Inn - 042-209-4312 :)
24th March 2008

Bay's Inn
Yeah I tried that number before posting but it never connected successfully. I was able to dig this up from someone's multiply site: 09189266697 - bay's inn HTH to everyone!
6th August 2008

What are the neighboring towns or cities of Baler? Is it close to Nueva Ecija?
8th August 2008

Those pictures was so amazzzzing!
Hi Che, I been living here in Hawaii, 4 6 years now, N i went to visit my family in Ditumabo last March 2007. umm.. Gusto ko lang malaman ng mga tao s Aurora Baler kung paano ipagmalaki ng asawa ko d2 s Hawaii ang province n pinagmulan ko. So, sana po lalo p nating pagandahin at laging palinisin ang Bayan natin. Alagaan ang kalikasan. Salamat po.
28th August 2008

i miz that place..
OMG...i miz my hometown...especially the sabang beach...
9th September 2008

baler the beautiful
I would like to communicate with my first cousins in baler aurora like any of the surviving amazona, poblete, mendoza and guerrero and other relatives. Regards to all and mabuhay to all. also to mayor arthur angara. Hope to be in baler sometimes this year. Presently I am here in oakland, california u.s.a.
14th September 2008, baler first hand and make it my adopted you recommend reliable safe way to arrive there and where to stay there for three to four days on a weekday prefererably drop by the BI also...i tried to mapquest it but no is almost two decades since i visited phils so this is very special...i.plan to stay in baler/ aurora third week of september 2008 after visiting my dads place in davao city...i appreciate your email is house_be_mine po.
25th January 2009

akkaw ang gnda ng baler talaga !!!!!!!!!!!sana lalo pang gumanda ang ating bayan
24th March 2009

marami na kong napuntahang lugar..BALER pa ri ang the best...ariyo!! ay tutuu la-ang
25th March 2009

I'm proud Auroranian
I grew up in Marai Aurora, the largest town in Aurora. I am encouraging everyone to experience being there. Lot of my friends here in Manila experienced being there including the different Falss in San Luiz, Maria Aurora and Dipaculao. The road has improved a lot this year so travel is no longer tiring. Come and join us this Summer!!!
27th March 2009

ganda talaga
ganda ganda ganda
31st March 2009

March 31th 2009
we are scheduled to go to baler this coming april 4-6. where is the best way to go there? i have to prepare myself to drive 6-7 hours
2nd April 2009

aakkaww.. mga taga...aurora..the best parin ang aurora kahit san ako nakarating..naka mis lalo pag malapit nmn ang holyweak..kahit dito nako sa LONDON.. iba pa rin ang aurora...mis ko dyan...arthurlombreslumasac....
6th April 2009

Ditumabo Falls..great grabe..sana maalagaan at mapreserve sayang naman ang natural beauty...ty..proud po ako sa aking bayang sinilangan..hahaha.AKKAW
8th May 2009

baler is great
i'm from the usa, but my family is from baler, so i visit once every 2 years. definitely recommend if you don't mind the long windy drive. (the new roads were 1/2 paved as of dec 2008, making the drive much easier) make sure to visit bays inn, sabang, beach, BG Plaza, bistro baler for local music (unless they closed down) and okoy's surf shop for surf lessons across from bays inn!
11th May 2009

ang aking bayan baw!
im here in batangas pero iba tlga ang byan k! i love it kkba ta ay ang beach jan lalot mkkta m ang mllki alon s dgat akaaw boy tlga nman! tas pgngpnta k s dkasalarin aree laang tas mgdu2yat k ng kibit hehehe! tas pnta k s ermita tas pgbba m dun ligo kau s dikaloyungan n may dla kng balaw n pinigaan m ng kidya ay pgkasara ng lapang hahahah! k mis nga din jan ung mader falls s sn luis, akaaaaw srap ng pkirmdam pg nkrting kau dun, ala tlga k2lad ang bayan k! ang sarap mging batang akaaaaaw!
30th May 2009

Best Surfing time
Hi, I am looking at going to Baler in July. Can anyone advise me what is the surf like at this time? Thanks
18th June 2009

D2 sa san luis, aurora.. Pwede namin keo itour guide,, if u want trecking and going to Mother Falls. Lots of fun and long treck. he he. Just go to Tourism Department in San Luis. Tnx
29th June 2009

Grabe ang ganda talaga ng baler hindi lng dahil doon ako nakatira kundi dahil nakita ko na ang mga tampok na lugar na ipinifeature nyo kung makakarating lang talaga kayo sa baler nako mamamangha kayo sa ganda ng paraisong ito una aakalain mo na nananaginip ka lang di mo alam 22o pla ung nakikita mo kaya kung ako sa inyo pasyal na ................proud to be batang baler............................... ganda mo baler......................... \ paraiso ka ngang talaga
19th July 2009

amazing place
I will never forget baler, amazing place
20th July 2009

sbh ng pilevians
ang ganda nga ng baler and be sides this is the one make in our country as one of the tourispots..mdmh tlagang ipagmamalaki ang phillipines and isa na kamh -g mga estudyanteng magagaling na binayayaan ng poong maykapal ng kaalaman... one day dadayuhin ng pilevians ang queson makarating lng sa baler..!!!
21st July 2009

yeah...baler is a very beautiful place but theres still a lot more beautiful place in the north side of baler...yes when you came from manila thers only one bus directly goes there but theres a lot of buses already entered there...i really miss my province...
3rd August 2009

why Baler? help pls
why baler what was the etymological meaning of the word?
3rd August 2009

meaning of baler...
please give an issue of the meaning of true baler... thanks... a little request...
6th August 2009

your beach was so great it was very nice so much and it is very beautiful to stay there for a long time or to rest for a year
11th August 2009

Nice! Wonderful pictures! it helped me gain ideas for our Buwan ng wika Celebration.... thanks!!!
15th August 2009

21st August 2009

baler is beautiful
i want to go to baler someday im always planning to there with my girlfriend but i cannot but i will if i comeback in the philippines i love mountinous place like baler i want adventure and i love rainforest.
6th October 2009

musta na po ang baler masyado poh bang na pinsala yan yung bagyong pepeng???????????
5th November 2009

ang ganda talaga ng baler aurora lalo na yng dagat ng pacific ocean at yng balete mapakalaki talaga nia
18th November 2009

i miss the town of Baler
..,hahahaha akaw taga baler poh akoh.., areh!!!!batang baler yata eto..,, miss ko na kayong lahat sa baler sa mga kakilala ko tska c patrick angara..,hahahha kababata ko..,may gf ka na/?? pakilala mo sa akin huh..,
24th December 2009

miss my province
almost 10 years na ako hnd nakakauwi jan.
6th January 2010

nice picture
i like that.... ang ganda talaga ng mga tanawin jan sa Baler Aurora sana makapunta naman ako jan minsan..... base sa experienced po inyo gusto ko narin poh na mapunta jan!!!!!!
18th January 2010

its nice to see that baler,aurora and the whole province of aurora is stepping up to the next level,meaning, the province is improving, but we must be vigilant to all happenings in our province specially to the government that rules our town..
21st January 2010

enjoyed your pics. getting to Baler by bus or jeepney either from San Jose or Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija. Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Isabela to north and Quezon in south - no road access from these provinces. Baler is mainly for the surfing tourist. Sea quite rough most places along Aurora. 4 years since I was last there. Baler very typhoon-prone. A lot of river erosion due to deforestation. Anyone with connections to Magadato family in Dibut Bay, please say hello.
2nd February 2010

Napakaganda po talaga ng baler·! taga calabuanan,baler po ako. Masaya ako na pinagmamalaki nyo ang BALER! GOD BLESS YOU!!·!
9th February 2010

actually Baler is one of the beautiful place interms of tourist spot falls,beaches and nature.
9th February 2010

hi to jan ooms! i red ur comments asking magadato family, i had a colmate before in MCC baler but shes Magdato.
15th February 2010

nice place...i lav pilipinas
21st February 2010

black sands...
we're a group of 4 who will be there from march 06-08 and upon reading that puke-thingy, i am wondering how i can cope with that...i survived sagada's road so i think 'tis one's going to be a tough fight as well... heheh... ill post a follow-up after we're back... =p
11th March 2010

ang cool!
gnda ng place...a hpe mkpnta aq jan..
30th March 2010

mhars - magadato
hello MHARS Ho-o Magdato from Dibut Bay.
31st March 2010

baler is really great, a very nice place to see before you die.hehe i dream of going there hopefully this year. i am saving money for that. :)
2nd April 2010

wow baler
how beautiful place , you enjoy very well sobra ganda sa picture how much more kung pupuntahan mo ng personal !parang ayaw ko ng umuwi sa manila!pupuntahan kita baler! wait mo ko
16th April 2010

sobrang ganda po tlga ng baler, walang katulad sa lahat ng lugar, and pls visit also para sa mga interesado pangmakita ang mga pictures ng baler, thanks
25th April 2010

Batang Baler
Ang ganda talaga ng bayan ko nakaka mis ang baler lalo na ang mga pinag samahan ng mga tunay na kaibigan add nyo nalang me sa ym q
2nd May 2010

May, 2010 now you should go. beautiful road via canili all conrete with small spots of smooth gravel road. come and visit. there's a great difference.
19th May 2010

Gusto ko Dyan
Hindi pa ako nakakarating dyan sa Baler, sayang. Pag nakikita ko mga pics ng Baler eh gusto ko dyan na mag migrate. Isang araw pupunta ako dyan. May mga kamag anak ako nag migrate dyan noong '70's. Un bang una unang studio dyan sa Baler. Si Manuel Tolentino, ang alam ko noon sa kwentuhan ng matatanda namin eh malapit daw cla sa simbahan. Hoy! mga kamag anak, magparamdam naman kayo. I mean po eh yung mga anak ni Kaka. Baka nga magparamdam eh sumakabilang buhay na po pala cya.
9th August 2010

its a nice place
hi, I grew their in one of the town of Aurora, in Maria Aurora. but its only 1 time that Ive been there in Baler,especially in the long Sabang Beach. actually I am so fascinated by the nature and beauty of the seaside. its awesome. the shore is so long that you can walk far away from the beach without even drowned. the tides, its so majestic, during that time that I experience the splash of the tides, I felt that its the hand of God that is baby sitting me. that experience of me was a memorable one. and I am looking forward for another splash adventure.
6th September 2010

ako po si alfredo,taga gen tinio,nueva ecija,distributor po ako ng itlog na pula,d2 sa manila,magtatanong lang po ako kung saan pedeng bumili ng itlog ng itik,sa maria baler,eto po yung contak number ko,09163277616,paki txt na lang po,,pag meron ,salamat po
9th September 2010

29th September 2010

On the Paciifc Oc. side
Ever since migrating in a foreign land ie. North America (Calif. where i reside)and Australia traveling most countries in South America close to the ocean Atlantic and Pacific (beaches) Rio del JAneiro in Brasil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Guayaquil in Ecuador, Panama City in Panama, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico... Baler Phils never slips on my mind which lies on the Pacific Ocean side. Sure it mus be fun to see this interesting place and will consider it my next itenerary beside Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte comes March 2011. Well said and thanks for the blogs.
23rd October 2010
baler 2004

very nice
grabe huh ang ganda tlga ng baler promise gustong gusto ko tlgang mkapunta jan...
5th November 2010

ang ganda tlaga sa baler
wow ang gnda tlaga sa bler :)
26th October 2011

Thank you for posting such a beautiful pictures from Baler,I am currently out of the country and will be home soon for a couple of weeks, I've been around in the Phils. but never been in Baler, I've heard a lot from Baler and now i want to go there but i don't have any idea where is the best place to stay, dine, and where gives beach front which i swimm as i never done diving. Hope to hear from you! Many thanks!:)

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