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Asia » Philippines » Quezon »  Polillo September 28th 2013

It's been my 12th trip out to Polillio Island. I usually vist Barangays Mabini and Carlagan. My main purpose of travelling to these places is to search for new surfing destinations. On my last two visits to the Islands, I made the effort to go the extra distance and visit Jomalig Island. All I can say, it is a must see for anyone that likes pradise. Now not all of you have the same purpose as me for exploring remote parts of different countries. If you do, you will love Carlagan and Mabini. Carlagan has a serious left hand reef break that reels down for about 100 mtrs and Mabini Has a righthander with two sections. The outside section has a solid powerful tube that breaks over shallow reef, while the inside section has a fun ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Quezon »  Polillo August 21st 2010

Even if one is born with an uncanny ability to twist the head around, checking on the back of the head is nearly impossible to do without using external help from, let's say, a mirror. Despite its nearness, the eyes often miss out on a number of simple yet obscure pleasures that can enhance appreciation of one's self -- like how the hair glows with each golden ray of sunshine, or how a ribbon dances with every sway of hair strands, or how that haircut perfectly hides unflattering balding spots. A lot of people set their sights too far in search for something new, fascinating, exciting, or spectacular that they fail to see what nearby areas have to offer. Such is the fate of the Polilio Group of Islands, which is known among biologists and conservationists ... read more
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