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August 10th 2007
Published: August 10th 2007
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Mt. Arayat, a trekking spot located at Brgy San Juan Bano, Arayat, Pampanga, rising to a height of 1026 m (3366 ft.) above ground level is also the legendary home of the beautiful fairy, Mariang Sinukuan.

It's my third time to reach the peak of that dormant volcano and yet I got really fascinated over and over seeing the topview of Pampanga, Bulacan and other nearby provinces...

Before hitting the planned activity me and my co-leaders in our federation got a really lesson experience..It was October 12, 2006 as the news reported that Bulacan area is one of the affected areas of a named typhoon. The rain pours so heavily that I consume most of my day texting and communicating with my members. We have planned a trek activity two months before the planned date October 13-14. That time I really had a hard time convincing and encouraging my members to join..To make the long story short, we've decided to cancel the activity!Some keep on texting me that night they want to go (indeed it's more exciting and fun to hike while raining) but others want to stay at home. Personally, I got so confused and just keep on
mt. arayatmt. arayatmt. arayat

topview from mt. arayat
praying and praying if it's really God's will and that typhoon a sign not to continue our plan. Early morning, I saw a good sign!The sky is clear and the news said that the typhoon expected to arrive that day change its direction tremendously!!!Afterwards, I got a phone call from our president. He was advised by our youth pastor not to cancel the plan.In a long communicating process to my members, I received more than 30 positive response in our area and all in all more than 100 people joined us in such unforgettable activity!!!

That afternoon, we're all set up going to our trek venue. Dealing with 3 guides (500 each guide in one-way) and 30pesos of entrance fee per head, we all left the ground level at 4:30 pm to start the trek...and we reached the peak at 9 pm!!!over 5-hour hike for all us!!!But for an expert hiker it could only be 2-3 hours...Along the trail are huge rocks (as if we're boulder climbing) thorns and vines, different flora and fauna and sought-relaxing views...Although some got muscle cramps, minor injuries, mild cough, everybody felt so contented and worth-tiring as we reached the summit...We had a short
mt. arayatmt. arayatmt. arayat

topview from mt. arayat2
program for bonding activities and praising God then had a very soundful sleep..

As I lay my tired body to the ground, I was amazed as I saw the fireflies dancing and singing around the tree!!!I realized how they lucky they are living peacefully and having joy in their heart!!!That scenery slowly vanishes my tiredness and makes me sleep peacefully..

Early in the morning, evry one got a nature walk around the peak area. This time I got the chance to contemplate on my struggles and hardships as I went through the trail, and broadly with my life..

The leaders led another short program giving the chance to any one telling his testimonial about the trek..Everybody felt satisfied and like me, felt renewed emotionally and spiritually as the program goes on..Afterwards, picture taking and slight breakfast..

It's time to go back to the civilization...It's like everyone wants to stay there a little bit longer...But before I make my first step downward, I paused for awhile and thank God that He let that trek be realized..a worth-tiring, lesson-upbringing, soul-uplifitng, unforgettable experience I had...

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mt. arayatmt. arayat
mt. arayat

hikers joined the trek
mt. arayatmt. arayat
mt. arayat

my co-leaders

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