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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa December 29th 2012

Hotel in Puerto Princessa, Albon Pension as private as it gets in Palawan. I did spent there a lot of time, hanging out in the evening in town with Mark and the Gang. The Landing Strip is very near to the Hotel, its fun to watch the planes pass. Mark and the Gang ... read more
Albono Pension Balcony

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido December 19th 2012

6.-12. May The final week in Philippines was ahead of us and we were more than excited to spend it on Palawan, lying on the beach, island hopping and having good fun hanging out in bean bags. We settled ourselves in nice little bungalows on El Nido's far end of the bay, across the street to Rosanna's cottages. The bungalows had everything we wanted (ok, except the view) – beautiful little porch, loads of tropic vegetation and a nice owner. The first day we took the tricycle to what supposed to be the nicest beach in the area – Corong Corong – not really! After a bit of struggle we got a kayak for rent at Greenviews Resort and left for the secluded beaches, discovering the beautiful scenery from the water. We finally arrived to the ... read more
Island Hopping
Island Hopping
El Nido

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron December 16th 2012

Days 86-88 (Sat 1st – Mon 3rdDec) My first item of being on Coron was to ask for a room change to the cheapest on the menu. I managed to get this sorted no problems, the room being pretty much the same just not en suite but at half the price certainly favoured me. Coron is a very small town. The national highway that runs through it can be walked in 10 minutes maximum. On Saturday I walked around the town, took in the port (a pier) the main streets and the public market. Here is only slightly bigger than El Nido but there is no beach without travelling out of Coron or island hopping. There is a small hill/mountain overlooking the town called Mt Tapyas. I decided to go up to see the town from ... read more
Coron, Palawan
Coron, Palawan
Coron, Palawan

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton December 15th 2012

The Journey back was a most beautiful 1 hour boat ride to Vincente, from there another bumpy 6 hour Bus tour to Puerto princesa. The expedition to the Bus Stand was on a Motorbike with me and all my luggage, it still makes me laugh thinking about it.... read more
Port Barton
Boat Trip to Vincente
On The Boat

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa December 14th 2012

Lurking just on the precipice of being a total slug is where we find ourselves at this point in the five-month journey we’ve undertaken. One minute you are taking a seven-kilometer hike up to see a glacier in Greenland, totally amped up because the scenery is beyond breath-taking and the next you are next to a rather large pool in a resort in the Philippines contemplating the end of a fantastic voyage. You take your pulse occasionally just to make sure and also steal a glance at one another on the beach chairs to confirm that indeed, breathing is still taking place. Almost there…….completely ramped down and totally peaceful. Such is the state we find ourselves in. The traveler’s version of true enlightenment. Feeling rested after months of constant fun on the ... read more
Solitude in the distance
Star fish in shallow water
Pandang Island beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido December 10th 2012

Day 76-77 (Wed 21st – Thurs 22ndNov) Wednesday was spent moving from Puerto Princesa to El Nido on Palawan. This I had read isn’t the most enjoyable trip going but there was no way it could be as bad as my trip in Northern Luzon to Baguio from Bontoc. I was picked up around half 8, we gathered a few more guests then went to some terminal-esque area which was a dump. Loads of Filipino’s got in taking up the remaining seats. We were there around 45 mins messing about which was frustrating. We got on the road and headed off. The trip wasn’t too bad, until the last 90 mins where the road doesn’t exist. They are working on it all the ay along but most is dust road and if they work at Filipino ... read more
El Nido
El Nido
El Nido

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton December 4th 2012

Here it is the Christmas tree made of recycled plastic. Tonight for Dinner I will try Prehistoric Lobsters I was told they taste better than the usual Lobsters. Very busy little things at the beach, I think it is some kind of a crab the amount of work that is done down there during the day is incredible. Found them while strolling around the beach. And last but not least check out the prehistoric Lobsters, Dinner tonight yummier. Gerhard don’t look.... read more
Plastic Tree
Very busy little things at the beach
Crabs At Work

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton December 3rd 2012

Alright that’s enough for Puerto princesa, it is not my idea of island living. They even have a rush hour here!!! Hoped on the bus and made it to Port Barton. The Driver was an Artist; the street for the last part was nothing more than a little dirt road. I did make some unbelievable videos but as I said I cannot load them. Hope I will find a way at some point.... read more
Great Journey.
Easy Reach.
Mhhhhh what all could fit up here.

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa December 2nd 2012

I have no regrets what so ever to leave Manila. Check out the photos I made along the way, do not miss the biggest Christmas tree I ever saw anywhere!... read more
Philippino Islands
Let's fly away.

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