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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 30th 2018

Ich weiß gar nicht so richtig wo ich anfangen soll. Wer hätte gedacht, dass Palawan zu meinem absoluten Highlight mutieren würde? Am 22.1.18 hatte ich den Flieger von Cebu City nach Puerto Princesa genommen und war spät am Abend gelandet. Die Stadt war nicht sonderlich attraktiv und ich lief im Dunkeln zu meinem Hostel. Am nächsten Morgen lernte ich 3 Malaien beim Frühstück kennen und gemeinsam fuhren wir mit Rollern durch die Stadt. Ich hatte von einem Gefängnis gelesen, in welchem die Gefangenen arbeiten und leben, aber nicht in Zellen, sondern auf dem Land. Ohne Kontrolle passierten wir den Eingang des Iwahig Prisons. Arbeitende Männer winkten uns zu, während wir mit den Rollern über die Schotterwege fuhren. Wir wurden von Insassen in Zivilkleidung, sowie einheitlichen Shirts, je nach aktuellem Sicherheitsgrad, begrüßt. Das war alles sehr imposant. ... read more
Port Barton Hostelcrew
Einsamer Strandspaziergang
ich komme wieder!

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Busuanga December 15th 2017

Here we are, the last blog of the year! We actually did another stop of 4 nights in Dubai on our way back before spending Christmas and New Year Eve at home, but I won't write a blog about Dubai, done this multiple times before. Busuanga is a short hour propeller trip from Manila. Due to connections time, we spent the night in Manila, this time as the Sofitel as the new number two of the hotel is a friend. Once in Busuanga, it's another 45 minutes 4 by 4 drive to the Cashew Grove resort. The first part is a little cute countryside road, than it simply turn into a dirt track. No shopping around here, if you don't have it with you, you will not find it here! I heard about this place while ... read more
Dugong time...
Little lovely walk on the beach...
Apo reef

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron April 18th 2017

2017 has been a weird year for me. Weird and so turbulent that for the first time I have been absent from my travel blog for half a year. This blog entry is using the pictures of my trip to Coron in the Philippines in early April, although the content is not going to cover much about that specific trip. I anyhow think that pictures from this paradise on earth should be shown and make it out to the wonderful world of the internet. So dear readers, enjoy my snaps of this truly tropical paradise. Anyhow, back to the topic of interest. I have decided to leave Asia after 7 long years living in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau. This specific travel blog was started by me when I backpacked (for the first time in my ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan February 8th 2017

The Tao Experience ~ Nautical Paradise As often happens in the world of travel, you meet people with the best and most recent recommendations for the next stop! I really enjoyed having an unplanned trip earlier this year and it worked out well - I met a (now) friend at Tiger Muay Thai who told me about the Tao experience in Palawan, Philippines. Fairly soon I was booked on to a boat trip amongst deserted islands! In my last blog I mentioned that El Nido is quite touristy as well as being stunning. The Tao Experience gave me a real opportunity to see the beauty of Palawan without the acne of tourists! The day before the journey we met for a briefing and were introduced to our jolly crew! They informed us what to bring and ... read more
Sun sand sea
One of many
My house for the night

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido February 7th 2017

El Nido from bucket list to reality… So a few years ago I saw a photo taken by a professional, of this place I had never heard of, called El Nido. I had to look up where it was and then it was added to the bucket list. I’ll be honest, I was put off for a while because the transport links weren’t great, having to take two flights and a six hour drive. I recently learnt that it’s now just two flights – one to Manilla and one to El Nido, and pretty quickly I had my trip booked! Being in Asia already made it quite accessible for me. The “airport” in El Nido is awesome. It’s hardly an airport to be honest! One runway and a small shack where we were greeted by singers ... read more
Kayaking in the lagoon
Coconut Shop
Scenic rearview mirror

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa February 2nd 2017

Hit and Run, six countries, one month, two girls! We had one month of school for winter break. A whole month to explore Asia. After looking at a lot of different routes and working out the best financially Val and I decided to do Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Our stay in the Philippines was on Palawan Island and near the city of Puerto Princesa. We take a Tuk-Tuk to our hotel and had a rest, we had had an over night flight and neither of us slept well. A friend of mine was staying in the city but was leaving later that day, I decided to go to see him while Val was sleeping. We spent some time together walking through the city before he caught his bus. I could see that ... read more
Palm Trees
Coconut plant pot
Swing in Subank

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Taytay January 19th 2017

After the hustle and bustle of El Nido we travelled south again and stopped off at a little place called Terublian. Way off the beaten track so when we got dropped off at the junction from the minivan the only way to get down the 22km road to the beach was by we both sat on the back of little 2 stroke bikes and had a great little adventure. The roads were very steep. Terublian is run by a charming man called Alex who has set himself up in his own little paradise. The place is very, very basic but super cute as well and the beach is long and secluded. We had the best meals of the whole trip at this little get to our rooms we had to be pulled across by ... read more
Leaving again via motor taxi
Terublian beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Taytay January 19th 2017

This was our last little experience of heaven..Victoria's House on Aligmanuan beach. Apparently some people come straight here from the PP airport and go nowhere else. It certainly is relaxing. During this short stay, we watched a gorgeous sunset off some cliffs, swam with fluorescent plankton at night!!!! (which stained our swimmers) and watched baby turtles make their way into the surf from the sand. This is a fishing and farming village and we tourists are very minimal here. The towns people love to say hello, especially the children. We booked a minivan ride back to Puerto Princesa on the last day ( 4hours) and flew home. Long, long flights and airport transfers :( but a very memorable trip. One of our best ever.... read more
Fishing boats and village

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Taytay January 16th 2017

El Nido is stunningly beautiful because of the islands all around but be warned...don't stay there! Not even for a night. It's not particularly nice compared to the beauty all around. But island hopping is an essential must-do. We did Tour A which was superb..good boat trip, amazing lagoons and beaches and yummy lunch. Pictures say it best.... read more
El Nido beach
Small Lagoon
Hopping on and off the island hopping boats from shore

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa January 14th 2017

13-15 th Jan My heart skipped a little beat when I woke up and realised I didn't have to do another boat trip - those that know me know, and we were returning to a lovely room where I could get clean and dry! That aside it was up to the Terminal to catch the mini van at 10.30 am for PP. We arrived in plenty of time and were joined by a young Canadian lass and an older English man, we were told to get on board but the first row of seats were reserved hmm????? Anyway we piled in and waited and soon a group of 5 Americans arrived, 2 couples where both wives were originally from the Philippines and one son. One couple got the first row seats, ok..... Then all hell broke ... read more
Road back from El Nido
Puerto Princessa
Puerto Princessa - Board Walk

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