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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang January 23rd 2013

Zobudil som sa uz o 6/00,chvilu som polezal na matraci a siel zobudit kolegu od vedla. Ten uz bol tiez hore. V noci neboli nastastie ziadny komari. Vybrali sme sa do pristavu,zaregistrovat sa,otvarali az o 8/00. Pri cakani na otvornie sme skocili na ranajky,teda len ja on neranajkuje,dal si len kavu. Potom sme cakali kym otvoria registracne centrum. Tu uz boli aj filipinky zo vcera. Bohuzial Donovi nevybavili vstup. V reg.centre som si vystal mensiu radu,islo to rychlo,odovzdal pas,doklad o zaplateny listku z puerta princesa,odskrkli si ma zo zoznamu,zapltail som 40p poplatok na ochranu prirody a vybral sa hladat ludi na share lodku. Komplet stoji 700p. Hned po vyjdeny z budvody ma odchytil jeden splaseny biely,ci uz mam paratkov,nie ,tak uz sme boli dvaja. Tento splasenec nakoniec zabezpecil celu posadku,izraelcan a 3 kanadania. Cesta ma teda ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang January 22nd 2013

Rano budicek 3/05,po otrovreni oci som chcel este spat ale blbol mi budik,nedal sa vypnut,tak som siel na bus 4/00. Pobalil som sa,nechal kluc vo dverach a vydal sa na stanicu. Bus tu uz bol ale bol este zamknuty.Okolo 3/55 z neho vysli vodici. Sadalo som si dopredu a oznamil sprievodcovi nech ma vylozi pri salucation. Zacaloval som 255p,volako sa mi to nezdalo. Sedel som na 3 sedacke sam az po mestecko Tay Tay. Tu mensie zdrzania,mali sme defekt na zadnom vnutornom kolese. Po oprave sa neklimatizovany bus zaplnil. Sedeli sme na sedecka pre troch ,4 ludia,tak pekne natlaceny som bol. Dalsia zstavka v Roxas,tu zas otravny zebraci. Fakt ich neznasam,jeden debil dosol za mnu 3x,mal so muz fakt nervi na nho. Po opusteny mesta po 15km zas stojime,opat defekt.Tentoraz druhe zadne vnutorne koleso. nastastie v ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang October 29th 2011

So my Boracay trip was at an end, but my original premiere destination was right around the corner. Unfortunately, nothing is easy in the Philippines, so it was going to take a Tricycle ride, a ferry, a van, a 2nd tricycle ride, a flight to Manila, a shuttle bus that seemed to circumnavigate 2/3rds of manila before arriving at the correct terminal, a 4 hour wait, a 2nd flight to Puerto Princesa airport and a tricycle to the city. That was enough for 1 day, so I decided to chill in Puerto Princesa for a day or 2 to recharge the batteries. I found a place called the Dallas Inn on wikitravel and was happy enough with it. Only 500 pesos a night, close to everything, lovely owner who has this ability to look as though ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang July 17th 2010

We woke up early in Puerto and were ushered onto a nice minibus. We were then driven half an hour around the houses until we came to a rather plush looking hotel. We were then transferred to another minibus (slightly less nice) and then driven for half an hour round the houses until we were back at Banwa, where we picked up a trio of dutch people that we had met the night before whilst drinking in the hostel. An annoying start – but it didn’t curb my excitement too much as today we were heading to Sabang and to one of the nominations for the new “natural wonders of the world.” The tour package to the subterranean river national park isn’t that cheap – but it is fixed for all tourist operators so there is ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang March 19th 2010

Après avoir visité Puerto Princesa et Honda Bay sur la cote est... Nous avions très hâte de visiter la côte ouest puisque la majorité des locaux disent que ce coté des Palawan est l’endroit où on retrouve les plus belles plages des Palawans... Après avoir voyagé 3 heures en mini-bus, nous voilà rendu dans le petit village de Sabang où l’on y retrouve une des plus grandes attractions touristiques des Palawan... The Underground River National Park !!! Ce système de rivière souterrain a été nominé pour être une des 7 merveilles naturelles du monde par une campagne locale... Je pense vraiment que c’est une attraction qui vaut la peine d’être vu, mais surement pas une des 7 merveilles naturelles mondiale... Cette rivière naturelle mesure plus de 8 km de long et est considéré une des plus ... read more
From inside the undergroundriver
Still a bit primitive...
The sunset at Sabang beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang February 20th 2010

We left Puerto Princesa early in the morning on a minibus bound for Sabang. Sabang is famous for it's underground river, which at 8 km long is supposedly the longest in the world. As popular as the underground river is, the town of Sabang is still pretty undeveloped. Most people do a day trip from Puerto Princesa and don't stay the night. There are still no power lines or phone lines, so every place with power has its own generator. For some reason my dad picked a guest house that was in the jungle even though Sabang has plenty of beautiful beach side spots. That was the last time we let him pick the place. That afternoon we went on a tour of the underground river. The tour starts by getting on a pump boat that ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang October 24th 2009

Sabang is an easy destination from Puerto Princesa. One could take a bus from San Jose station near Puerto Princesa or can book an underground river tour from Puerto Princesa, do the tour which takes about 2 hours, and then check into the hotel (this is what I did). The undergroung river tour is interesting, the most exciting part for me was getting there by boat which can be pretty exciting. Staying 3 days is about minimum. I met a guy who was going to stay 3 days and he's been there for 3 weeks. The big draw of Sabang is the underground river but there is so much more to see. The waterfall is a leasurly hike which entails about 1 km along a rocky beach which is great for finding cool shells and corals. ... read more
Getting to Underground River
Uligan Bay
Underground River

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang March 4th 2009

It was that time of the year again - Donna’s birthday and she chose Sabang in Palawan as the place she would like to be to celebrate. So we got a flight to Puerto Princesa and decided to make it the same day to Sabang...problem is that the flights land at 9:30am and the jeepney doesn’t leave until 12noon (well sometime after, it depends on how the driver is feeling!) so cue Donna and Neil hanging around for a jeepney to leave for 3 hours! Our time in Sabang didn’t start so well with the jeepney ride as the jeepney helper was overcharging the foreigners by 50 pesos each...eventhough we argued it and could see the locals paying 150 pesos he wouldn’t back down. This is one of those times we just had to give in ... read more
new big hotel being built
Donna's birthday meal

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang February 25th 2009

Meine erste Station nördlich von Puerto war Sabang, das gleichzeitig mit einer der berühmtesten und populärsten Touristenattraktionen des Landes aufwarten konnte, dem Subterranean River National Park, mit dem weltweit längsten (oder zweitlängsten) befahrbaren unterirdischen Fluss. Die Anfahrt nach Sabang, an der Westküste Palawans gelegen, ist nach der Abzweigung vom gut ausgebauten Highway langsam und beschwerlich. Die 80 km lange Fahrt dauerte fast drei Stunden auf einem schmalen, nur zu zweidritteln betonierten Sträßchen, dass sich durch den dichten Dschungel windet. Die Anfahrt auf Sabang ist allerdings auch landschaftlich grandios, eine tropische Karstlandschaft mit Reisfeldern, wie man sie nur in wenigen Gegenden Asiens findet, und der Ort selber ist ein freundliches, einfaches Fischerdorf an einer wunderschönen Bucht, eingerahmt von hohen Bergen. Östlich schließt sich ... read more
Puerto Princesa

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang January 19th 2009

1. Spit dust after the trying bus ride and check into a nipa hut on the beach. 2. Meet your new neighbour, Steve, whose Hebrew name is Erin, a Hollywood born bum who lives on social supplement and voted for McCain. Act respectfully when he tells you that he's been travelling for 19 years with the money the government gives him and has been to 43 countries. Let him believe that you think it is an achievement as if you didn't have more flags under your belt. Then learn all about his years in Amsterdam and he's undying love for prostitutes there. As days go by learn more about his midlife crisis, his plan to live in a 50 peso a night hut for a year and a half in order to save enough money to ... read more
Undergroud river
Monkey trail

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