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November 21st 2016
Published: October 1st 2017
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Slept in until 6:30am, then stayed in bed reading for a bit, to let the mosquitoes reduce in hunger. Brekkies. Then more relaxing for a short while.

Went for a long walk today all around Puerto Princesa. Started by walking out one of the roads that parallel the main thoroughfare. The city is surprisingly non-touristy, although we were not really clear on its economic base. It does not appear to be kidnapping, although one restaurant advertises: "Skinny people are easier to kidnap. Eat here" but it doesn't really appear to be tourism, either. We guess fishing, with some additional agriculture … although the underground river attracts a growing number of tourists. Most of the shops and restaurants we passed clearly cater to locals, and the equivalent of tuk-tuks (motorcycles with side cars and a canopy cover) ply the streets by the hundreds, carrying locals everywhere.

After reaching the end of the peninsula, we turned and headed back up the island, along the bay walk … which was full of closed, empty stalls. Actually, about two looked like they would soon be selling food … we guess that they open for festivals (like the water festival which starts today – the main street being decorated with small triangular flags in primary colors on strings although if there is any relation, we don't know) or when cruise ships arrive. In any case, it was quiet.

So we turned to walk back to the main part of town. At one point, someone said to Pual, “Give me some money.” Paul said No, and the guy started feeling Paul's pockets. “Hey! Stop it!” Paul yelled. The guy looked a little put out but that was it. We moved on.

We stopped short afterwards for a coffee in a small but cute café. Coffee and water. Iced coffee and cold water. It was hot out.

Then we continued along, mostly along the main street. We eventually stopped for lunch at an outdoor café near the airport.

Then, back to the hotel for a swim and reading.

In the evening, we went out to dinner at a small restaurant near by Olivio y Basilica or something like that. Very tasty food and in a charming garden.

Back to the hotel by 9pm, for shower, reading, and sleep.

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